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400 years ago, it was accepted as universal truth that the sun orbited the earth. Now, however, as a result of Galileo's telescope, this is no longer a truth. This raises profound questions regarding the nature of truth. Will commonly accepted truths in our generation be disproven in the future? Is there such a thing as objective truth or is it subjective, true only to the individual?

It is the nature of such philosophical enquiry that draws me to the subject: asking the ultimate questions, trying to discover the seemingly unattainable answers. Thus, it is this same search for meaning that has led me to the study of Theology, as it too requires one to question established norms in order to uncover the shifting phenomenon that is truth. The theoretical side of ethics appeals to me because I am fascinated by the conflicting opinions about how we determine moral 'truth', while the practical dimension is attractive because of its relevance to daily life.

As a Christian, I feel naturally drawn to Theology but unquestioned faith is fragile and vulnerable, so to challenge my beliefs is something I regard with the utmost importance. In Religious Studies lessons I have been captivated by the arguments used to confront Christianity as well as the apologetics.

The Philosophy of Religion became my key source of interest, and the problem of evil in particular provoked threatening yet fascinating questions such as, can suffering coexist with an omnibenevolent, omnipotent God?

Also, I became deeply intrigued by the Psychology of Religion; it appealed to my desire to engage with the arguments against the existence of God and introduced curiosity about the philosophical nature of the mind.

I pursue my interest in Theology by having discussions with the chaplain and other theologians (who speak at Christian Union) to discover different perspectives on thought-provoking issues. By dipping into books such as Alister McGrath's 'Christian Theology an Introduction', I have furthered my knowledge in areas such as the problem of evil and found interest in other topics such as Soteriology.

Debating outside the classroom, by being involved in the House Debating Competition and the Clark Society (a more select debating society), is something I have found particularly enjoyable and beneficial to my arguing skills.

Having done Religious Studies at AS/A2 level, I have developed a passion for areas such as ethics, the philosophy of religion and biblical theology. Being able to argue logically is a vital skill which I have improved through History, Critical Thinking and English Literature, all of which have also enhanced my essay writing skills and have taught me to critically analyse writers' interpretations, helping me in making sound conclusions. English Literature has familiarised me with grasping dense texts while Latin has developed my logical thinking and given me a grounding in ancient languages.

I play a wide range of sports such as rugby, hockey, football, cricket and I find being part of a team rewarding; being captain of a cricket XI has helped to develop my leadership qualities. My participation in badminton, squash and judo has improved my self-reliance.

I have passed Grade 5 on the trumpet and I am head of the Big Band and a member of the Concert Band. Teaching myself to play the acoustic guitar has become a real passion of mine and I relish playing rhythm guitar for the Christian Union band. My role as house co-ordinator in the House Music Competition has developed my ability to perform well under pressure and motivate others, as well as improving my own organisation and decision-making skills.

School has laid down the foundations of my curiosity for both Philosophy and Theology and has provided me with a basic knowledge of areas which I am eager to explore in more depth at university. I am attracted by the opportunity to study in an environment with like-minded people.

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