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I am interested in the study of theology for many reasons. I believe that it incorporates so much that is fundamental to humanity from the ethical and moral arguments to the historical and traditional teachings that form the basis of religions. This is why I have chosen to develop my interest further and study theology at university.

I enjoy the challenge of weekly essays in the 6th Form. I want to apply to universities that seek high achievers because I am motivated and driven to achieve high standards. Theology has been a subject that I have wanted to research and understand more about for some time. I have actively participated in the thought provoking debates that have arisen out of my Religious Studies courses. In class discussions I relish the opportunity of being able to express my opinion and challenge ideologies.

Ultimately, I am fascinated in why people believe in their God, religious icons and leaders and what drives people towards religion.

My interest in theology has led me to read several books by Alistair E. McGrath that include 'Historical Theology'. His books have served as an introduction to areas that I have not covered in my 'A' Level Religious Studies course and they have inspired me to read more. In particular I enjoyed 'Radical Christian Writings' by Christian Rowlands & Andrew Bradstock.

The wide range of subject matter from baptismal metamorphoses to subversive socialist and feminist themes impressed upon me that theological themes and arguments are present in every aspect of life.

During my time in the 6th Form, I have benefited from many experiences. I fulfill my 'School Service' by assisting less advanced children in Year 7 with their reading. This is a weekly required feature and it has helped to advance my inter-personal skills. I spend more than the time that I am allocated in order to increase my pupil's vocabulary and reading skills.

My work with a less advanced child helped me to bond with children during my work placement at Llangynidr County Primary School which included helping to organise the school sports day. I enjoyed encouraging and supporting the children and believe that I built up a good rapport with both teachers and children.

Another work placement took place at a firm of solicitors in a nearby town. I signed a confidentiality agreement that permitted me to be able to read cases. I was asked to provide my analysis and comments. I enjoyed methodically analysing the text and questioning anomalies I found in the evidence. I realised that there is a great deal of painstaking work and preparation involved in this work and I was inspired by the way in which asking questions could ultimately develop into a sound argument.

I am taking part in the forthcoming 6th Form Revue at Christmas. It is important to me to be a part of this because I believe that it moulds the 6th Form together and helps provide a balance between work and play. I shall be singing in front of the school because I have always been actively involved in singing. I have appeared in local pantomimes and musical productions since the age of four.

I have entered Eisteddfoddi where I have sang as a soloist and recited in both Welsh and English. I am fortunate to have enjoyed successes at the local Eisteddfod where I have been presented with a range of cups and awards for my performances. It is important to me to play a part in keeping the Welsh language alive. I am attracted to the prospect of choral singing at university and look forward to joining a choir.

My interest in history has led me to take part in a local archaelogical dig this summer where I learnt about the kind of lives that people lived in past generations. The experience taught me about the daily hardship that people endured and the relative simplicity of their lives. I believe that history and theology are inextricably linked and that the study of theology must coexist with an inherent love of history in order for it to be fully appreciated.

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This personal statement was written by Betty Boop for application in 2007.

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This statement helped me to secure an interview and a place at Oxford University. I'm there now at Christ Church college studying Theology. Hope my statement helps others.


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Overall a great statement;

Overall a great statement; sincere, underwritten, personal.
Starts with a weak opening sentence, but other than that the first paragraph is very strong indeed. Though only thing is I would have thought it's better to talk more about your subject-specific interests than spend over half the space talking about ECs you did at sixth form.

This has sparked some

This has sparked some inspiration, thanks!

You should have said

You should have said "Christopher Rowland", not "Christian Rowlands", and "benefited", not "benefitted".

decent statement - will use

decent statement - will use this as a guideline. thanks betty boop


a good statement but incredibly simple things such as bad spelling would let it down for me if I were an admissions tutor!

It's scary how this person

It's scary how this person went to the same high school as me and is interested in the same things! I'd love to go to Oxford to study Theology but one can only hope! An inspiring personal statement, I thought.

Is it okay to write sixth

Is it okay to write sixth form as 6th form like in this personal statement?

Thanks for this it was really

Thanks for this it was really helpful

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