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The earth once spoke with a single voice and now the voices of billions become the echoes of choice.

Living in a society abundant in people from diverse backgrounds and faiths I have grown to love and appreciate the immeasurable amount of knowledge available to me. It has been said by Hazrat Abu Ali Saqfi “Knowledge makes you free from the chains of ignorance, and revives your heart, knowledge takes you out from the darkness of suspicions and superstitions, and gives a new light to your eyes.”

Studying philosophy and ethics has allowed me to delve upon my curiosity of the universe. Being presented with enigmatic philosophies and moral ideas helps exercise my mind. Furthermore learning about the countless complexities of Gods flawless creations; the earth, animals and the human body. Biology has given me that extra admiration for things which are so vital in our lives yet can easily go unnoticed.

My life as a Muslim has never ceased contemplation upon topics such as God, my existence and other metaphysical aspects of this world. Debates about the soul and reasons for creation are particularly interesting to me. I fight to reason with these ideas on a day to day basis as these are the deep-rooted questions which fascinate me.

Having had the privilege to perform Hajj and Umrah and visit some of the most important cities known to the Muslim world, I was overwhelmed even at a young age by the wealth of spirituality illustrated to me on different parts of my journey, I could undoubtedly feel the presence of this extraordinary sensation.

Aside my academic studies, I enjoy attending lectures, debates and seminars on Islam and comparative religion. I recently had the pleasure of visiting Sukkat Synagogue, for a talk by a Rabbi and Imam highlighting the issues between Jewish and Muslim perspectives on Judaism and Islam. I also take great pleasure in watching documentaries regarding Religion, Culture, Politics, Science and Nature.

Having organised and taken part in a number of projects such as Orphan Sponsorships, Charity Fundraisers and Dinners, people would describe me as a trustworthy and active member of the community willing to help all.

As an event co-ordinator I showed great leadership qualities and the skills needed to work in a team. I negotiated with local sponsors demonstrating my ability to communicate effectively. I’m currently working on a project as part of the Redbridge Solidarity Group called the “RSG 5000” where a group of friends and I are aiming to raise £5000 for the victims of the Pakistan Floods.

I was part of the Plashet Netball Team for 5 years winning the Sports Personality of the year award and entering a number of tournaments/leagues, one of which was at Crystal Palace where my team and I represented the “Olympic Borough” of Newham in the London Games.

In terms of creativity I enjoy photography, I regularly attend textiles lessons outside of school and I also take a great deal of interest in viewing and studying art. I was given a once in a lifetime opportunity to work with a well known Iranian artist: Khosrow Hassanzadeh and collectively produce a piece of art work which was exhibited in The British Museum in partnership with the “Middle East: Word Into Art” exhibition.

There were mainly two voluntary activities which inspired me to choose this course. The first of which was a seminar I took part in titled: “Prophet Muhammad, The Teacher” taught by the eminent Shaykh, Zahid Abu Guddah and Arabic lessons I had attended regularly for a year. These two activities increased my enthusiasm and confirmed my aspiration for studying the course.

The truth is Islam means the world to me. When given the opportunity to this subject at University I will further develop my intense interest and knowledge in this area. I believe that I would be an academic asset and offer a unique contribution to the ambience of the university.

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This personal statement was written by aa22 for application in 2000.

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HEYTHROP COLLEGE (Univesity of London)- Study of Religions
HEYTHROP COLLEGE (Univesity of London)- Abrahamic Religions
KINGS COLLEGE LONDON (Univesity of London)- Religion in the Contemporary World


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seriously this is an awesome statement bro bless u

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