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I have always loved challenges and I expected the successful results, so over time. Whether it was rock climbing or playing chess, I realised that it is not enough for me only to practice, I also needed to delve it into the theory. That is how my interest in books started.

Now the library is my second home and there I accidentally found the most important book in my life - Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus. It was written in my mother language, but first time I read it, the words were incomprehensible but I remembered one sentence: “The limits of my language are the limits of my mind”. By this time I found next passion – languages, to read in the original.

My passion for philosophy and history started in Salesian High School in Lodz in which I currently study. I have four hours of philosophy weekly which I believe is exceptional and I gain a lot from those lessons. Reading about ancient philosophers and their ideas cannot compare with being able to debate a point and question reasoning face to face under the tutelage of a teacher who graduated philosophy.

Due to travelling all over the world, one can see its diversity but only present time. The traces of the past are only seen as a result, not a cause. But as you go into history, you begin to perceive the world in a completely different way. The causes and effects will not be the same and no human can experience their own life.

Nevertheless, the knowledge of history allows people to see the mechanisms that govern the movement of the world. I do not want to be just a tourist who watches the show. To learn, to examine, to understand that mechanism – those are what I want to achieve.

As Leibnitz stated: “It must be the best possible and most balanced world, because it was created by an all powerful and all knowing God.” I cannot agree with his opinion, strongly believing that our world is admirable just because it is ours. We create and destroy it, and subsequently the places we had created, affect us. They are the reflection of our morality. If you live in chaos – chaos is in your mind.

After all, philosophy taught me questioning the world and Latin – logical thinking. Critical thinking is still required to develop, but into rational ideas. Thus, I strongly believe it is the skill which I could highly improve at your university as the critical examination of other people’s thoughts and my own ideas.

Aristotle said that a wise man knows all things, as far as possible, although he does not have the knowledge of each of them in detail. I know that I cannot be a philosopher without the wisdom gained from other fields.

Last year, my science fiction novel in which I raised an issue of human nature and our place as a creator and a destroyer, won the first place in a nationwide contest, which proves I love writing and I am an attentive to detail person. I love collecting the material by observing the world and spending time in the library for my novels and school essays.

Furthermore, every holiday for five years I have been a volunteer in the Sudeten mountains during a running festival while I was helping with manual and intellectual work. Last summer, my work has been noticed as I was promoted to be a teamleader. In addition to developing my leadership skills, I have improved my organisational and time management skills.

Since I have started learning in Lodz, I have lived in a boarding school. I have learnt to work systematically and organise my day efficiently. It is said that living in another country is more challenging than in another city but I think the only difference is the language. Additionally, it made me more responsible and independent.

In my opinion, everyone learns something under the guidance of teachers, so they can became teachers. I was inspired by my tutor to pursue my philosophy study at higher level so that finally I would acquire knowledge and ability to give others what I got. Study at your university will help me to use philosophy not only like a job but a way of life.

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