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I consider myself an enthusiastic, hard working student who will do everything possible to achieve the best set of results possible. I have a very strong work ethic and get on well with teachers and my fellow pupils. I believe I work best under pressure and can easily motivate myself to achieve the most satisfactory results possible. I would enjoy studying law as it would further my communication and analytical skills which are vital for a future job.

From an early age, I have been extremely interested in the study of law. Law is a subject that concerns all aspects of life. I believe it would be an excellent subject for to study, as it provides exciting career prospects and it would provide me with daily challenges. I take great interest in current affairs, both in Northern Ireland and across the world. Visits to the crown court have given me an invaluable insight into the legal system of Belfast. In the courts, I witnessed murder trials and several bail applications. I found the legal process fascinating.

At school, I have been involved in many extra-curricular skills including fundraising activities for our school charity scheme: “Project Zambia” and captaining the school water polo team. Participating in the water polo team has enhanced my leadership skills and also helped me work together as a team. I have played waterpolo at a high level, whilst in 2008, representing Ulster School and participated in the school orchestra and Irish traditional group.

I have excelled in music in recent years. I have been described as “a versatile and extremely capable musician” possibly one of the most outstanding and experienced fiddle players of his generation in Belfast.” Playing music has been a big part of my life, in 2008 I achieved a distinction at diploma level in Irish music, recognised by the London College of Music.

As well as this, I have achieved distinctions in Grade 6 on the violin, classically and grade 6 on the tin whistle. Outside school, working in Schuh and Centra has taught me to deal with customers successfully and in a professional manner. I went to a primary school for my work experience, but I am actively seeking a work experience placement in a solicitor's office. This teaching experience broadened my horizons and it further fuelled my desire to study law.

From early on in my career at St. Mary's C.B.G.S, I have really enjoyed and excelled in history. Through history, I have greatly enhanced my analytical and writing skills. I have learnt how to express my points economically whilst generating, in most situations, several conclusions. Nazi History is, for me, the most interesting topic in modern history, however I enjoy studying Fascist Italy and Tsarist Russia.

By studying history, English literature and music at A level I have a wide range subjects that have all greatly enhanced skills my interpersonal skills, independent study skills and my socialising skills which I believe would be vital for a future job.

Studying these subjects requires analysing evidence, for example a speech from Hitler, and formulating a strong argument with an equally strong counter argument. I wish to study history, with a view to becoming a secondary teacher. I have been extremely passionate about history from an early stage in secondary school.

My work experience as a teacher in St. Mark's Primary School in Belfast has given me valuable experience at what it takes to become a teacher. By teaching music privately and publicly, I have gained more valuable teaching experience which benefited me greatly.

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This personal statement was written by _flan_ for application in 2009.

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realli good read

realli good read

A really excellent personal

A really excellent personal statement, clearly an extremely talented pupil!! Could you look at mines? Because if its half as good as this, im sorted! Thank you!

not bad..

this is good, however be careful making sure you provide information that is most relevant to the subject speak ALOT about music, when the subjects you want to do are Law/ about things you have studied/done that have links with law or history or provided yuo with invaluable skills for life! you also spoke alot about school, what about college..explain hw your skills progressed from school up until college ect..
you might also want to put a small amount of information on regarding how much u have researched the chosen subject and comment on the fact that you knw what is involved and expected from you..
but other than that..its a gd shot..good luck!


I thought this was pretty weak. Far too much bigging yourself up - that's what the reference is for, if appropriate. Far too many statements with no follow up - "I am exteremely interested in" etc. Do unis hand out places only to the "extremely interested" and throw out all there merely "interested"? You also make the most facile of insights "working as a teacher gave me great insight into what it takes to become a teacher". And that would be?...

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