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History is paradoxically the most advanced way for our society to predict the future. Learning from the past mistakes and successes, and using them to our advantage, to navigate us through perilous times. My interest in History was sparked as a child when visiting the National Maritime Museum. I was fascinated by the ways the design of ships developed and their technology improved over the years. Just as David Hume the 18th century Scottish philosopher believed we could only know what we have experienced, I believe that the struggle in our History, results in a constant improvement in our future, due to the knowledge we acquire.
I have always cared passionately about my academic studies and have broadened my knowledge by, reading a variety of books such as Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights in English and making sense of the Irish troubles by Mckittrick Mcveain in History. However, my interest in pursuing History at university stems from my fascination with historiography and the way that past events can be interpreted in different ways. I enjoy reading differing interpretations and understanding the background context in which they have been placed.

At the age of fifteen I visited Ypres where major battles of WW1 took place, this became a symbol of British and French defiance, as it was the last part of Belgium not overrun by the Germans. Through this, I was shocked by the devastating effects of WW1 as it opened my eyes to how events in our past can dwell with us no matter how many years go pass.
Since joining Sixth Form, I have been appointed senior prefect, which involves responsibilities such as helping out at Open Evenings, lunch duties and helping out with the needs of the school. Studying History and English has enabled me to carry on with my extra-curricular activities through my role as teaching assistant for a year nine English classes, developing their skill in portraying both sides of an argument, which can later help them in both English and History.

I am tenacious and never give up, no matter how challenging aspects of my life may be. During the course of studying my A Levels I had to deal with the loss of a very close and dear uncle. It was devastating for me. Though this initially disrupted my studies, my passion to fulfil a successful academic life has meant I am still committed and focused on my ambitions to study History.

Through the guidance of my church I have helped increase awareness on poverty; raised money for the sick and homeless and set an example to the younger generation showing that there are several ways of helping and being helped. Through this initiative, I helped raise a substantial amount of money to buy new clothes, food and medical equipment. I gain immense personal satisfaction from my involvement in charity work that I would like to continue with going into university. Furthermore, as a member of the church choir, I have built on my singing skills and team building abilities. I cannot express enough how relaxing and rewarding being part of a choral group can be. Indeed, it proved quite pivotal in dealing with my grief.

I am dedicated to fitness and sport to achieve healthiness in mind and body. I have captained my school basketball team for five years, showing leadership and responsibility. In my free time I enjoy watching historical documentaries such as “Charles Darwin’s Brave new world”, illustrating the widespread changes in our society and lifestyle that can erupt through a specific discovery. I also devote myself to competing for Greenwich swimming club, of which I am team captain.

I am looking forward to studying history at university, as it will develop my critical and analytical thinking. I also believe university life will enable me to interact with countless people from diverse cultural and historical backgrounds. As a highly motivated student, I hope to thrive within the academic and social environment of a university.

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Please could you post what

Please could you post what universities you applied to?? Thanks :)


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