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I strongly believe that sheer enjoyment of a subject is critical when choosing that subject for further study. Mine, however, was not the traditional academic route, as I did not study History as one of my GCSEs, a mistake I rectified when choosing A-level options. Those two lost years only made me realise the true passion and love I hold for the subject, and despite an initial disadvantage at the start of my A-level History course, my enthusiasm and motivation brought AS success.
My interest in the past began at an early age and learning about the Ancient Civilizations of Egypt, Rome and Greece launched my desire to become an Archaeologist. I soon realised, however, that the ancient world was just the beginning and there was so much more to discover about History. My more recent studies have made me even more appreciative of the importance of History to better understand present day problems and to give insight into the causes and consequences of human action. Holidays and trips to places of historical interest such as Russia, Egypt and Boston, have reinforced my ambition to study History at university.
I am currently taking A-levels in History, Mathematics and Chemistry, having studied Physics at AS-level. I particularly enjoy studying History as it encourages independent thought, develops skills of analysis and evaluation and involves debate and discussion. Tudor History has been my favourite part of the A-level course, especially the reign of Henry VIII. This has led me to choose the fall of Anne Boleyn for my Personal Study, an event which I find both interesting and intriguing. Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry emphasise logic, precision, testing hypotheses, interpretation and evaluation of information; skills essential to a degree in History.
At school, I take part in a range of activities with sport being predominant. I have captained the netball team which has consistently achieved success at league, county and national level. I have also been a member of the hockey team and athletics squad, again competing at county level. Being part of sports teams has required a great deal of dedication and determination to succeed, and has improved my confidence as well as giving me teamwork and leadership experience. As a member of the School Council, I have improved my inter-personal and communication skills. I also participate in the Paired Maths scheme, helping Year 7 pupils to improve their skills and build their confidence in Mathematics. All of these activities have given me a great deal of personal satisfaction, a real sense of achievement and community.
Outside school, dancing has been a major part of my life and since the age of three I have taken lessons in ballet, tap, jazz and modern, having progressed to vocational level. I have taken part in many shows, some raising money for local charities, and I also support younger pupils in their lessons and at show rehearsals. In 2001, I became Liverpool Girl's Under 11 Chess Champion, and was a member of the Liverpool Girls Squad for four years, playing matches throughout the country and in the England Championships.
Aside from recreational interests, I work part-time in a cafe which has given me a sense of responsibility and taught me to work on my own initiative as well as part of a team. In my leisure time I enjoy going to watch the ballet and musical theatre plays, take pleasure in reading many books of different genres. I am also an avid ski and snowboarder and have travelled to a large range of countries to fulfill this enthusiasm.
I am an enthusiastic and committed student of History with great ambition to extend my knowledge and understanding of the subject to degree level. I believe I have the skills and determination to become a successful undergraduate and I am really looking forward to the academic challenges and opportunities which university life will bring.

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