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History and Politics Personal Statement

The present is only momentary, and will soon turn into history. Almost all that we are as countries, as cultures and as a species is based on our common history. In fact, it is our unique ability as Homo Sapiens to accurately store, pass on, and understand in detail our past findings and knowledge that has allowed us alone to dominate and exploit the planet that we inhabit.

Not only do I believe history to be an essential part of our success, I also find it to be fascinating and enthralling. This is due both to the nature of history and to my personality. I find a multitude of subjects highly interesting; ranging from philosophy, to technology, and language, but especially politics. In truth, there are few subjects that you won't find me at least somewhat exited by.

I am extremely eager to learn more about both wider history and politics, because for me both subjects captivate me on an almost daily basis. I am eager not just to participate in current arguments and debates, but also to learn more about the context and history that surround them.

I recognise that I need to and want to learn how to be a better historian. Crucially I need to learn how to construct better and more focused arguments and to control, understand, and evaluate better people's internal biases as well as my own. I feel that university can help me best accomplish these goals. It will offer me a chance to enter a great learning environment, not just from my lecturers, but also from the people and groups I will meet who will undoubtedly have new and interesting ways of looking at history and politics. University will offer me a chance to round myself further as a person, a student, and as a historian.

I spend most of my time investigating all that I find interesting. This I believe makes me a strong candidate for university as I am always eager both to learn what I do not know and to perfect that which I am still learning. I try to learn by surrounding myself with ideas and opinions that differ from my own, as well as by spending time going over period documentation such as transcripts and newspaper article and cartoons. I also enjoy reading from a plethora of websites, apps and newspapers (an example being Le Monde Diplomatique) to keep up with current affairs. In addition to this I also like to read books from accredited historians, examples include In Defence of History by R. J. Evans or A History of Modern Britain by A. Marr.

I have a good work ethic demonstrated by holding down four jobs alongside my studies. I work in a newsagent and a pub as well as carrying out English to French translation for a local businessman and creating 3D computer models for my father's architecture practice. I have also been fortunate enough to live in two distinct cultures, which has allowed me to understand that there is more to the world that just simply one's own country or region, and I gave rise my desire to understand more about the world.

Nothing gives me more pleasure than to gain a better understanding of why things today are the way that they are.

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Applied to:

Aberdeen - no offer
Edinburgh -
Brunel - conditional offer
Buckingham - conditional offer
Westminster - conditional offer

At the time of application I only had ADD,with the promise to resit History.


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