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My passion for French has certainly flourished throughout my education, a language and culture that have, without doubt had an enormous impact upon how we, as British citizens, live and
communicate today.

Language skills equip us with the ability to communicate, to read and to understand both our own and other cultures. This is of course essential for any sort of international communication whatsoever; relying on interpreters isn't always reliable as much of the intended meaning can often be lost in translation.

I have always believed that this is a waste and have strived for fluency in order to prevent such waste on my part. A degree in the French language would enable me to achieve this goal as it is a longstanding aspiration of mine to immerse my self in and become part of French culture. A recent exchange to Rouen allowed me the chance to apply my classroom knowledge to everyday surroundings.

I managed to do so quite successfully and thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. This, among other experiences, has led me to believe that time spent studying in France would undoubtedly improve my capabilities in the best way possible.

I believe that my interest in other languages and culture is also of benefit when studying history. I have a great desire to learn about the past, the events within it that make the world what it is today and current events continue it's evolution.

This interest is deeply rooted, from childhood I was fascinated by tales such as When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit, and later on Suite Francaise. This curiosity has led me to become absorbed by topics such as the system of Apartheid in South Africa, the making of modern Russia and the Nazi state. All of which highlight the varying impacts of war, racism and global politics and their relevance throughout the past and certainly throughout the future.

The world is continually evolving in terms of politics, economy, environment and I am finding that my historical knowledge enables me to recognise and understand when history really is repeating itself.

My passion for language is not merely for the sake of communication, but often for the beauty of words themselves. The study of English literature, and my own extensive reading, has allowed me to appreciate this beauty.

The way words can be woven around a reader, captivating them, that they can transport a person to another world. Hundreds of lives, realistically impossible, can be lead through books, multiplying your own life thousands of times.

The insight they offer to other people's imaginations and their sense of humour is what appeals to me the most and it was Roald Dahl that taught me that. Participation in several college excursions has allowed me to gain an insight into many things, from the works of Van Gogh to the West End.

Several trips to London have enabled me to learn of much of the city, and of the history of the entire country. The Louvre in France offering similar tastes of colourful and often bloody French history, and also of modern day experiences. ]

This has simply served to give me a taste of the culture I so desperately crave. For the last two years I have spent a week in Romania, working alongside a charity, aiming to get gypsy children into education. Whilst I was there I managed to learn a lot about the people, the country, their religions and their language.

All of this absorbed me completely and I plan to go back in the future, if only to see that only one more child has gone to school. These children cry out for an education, making me appreciate mine all the more. It is this that makes me work hard in order to achieve my goals, it also makes me want the best I can get for myself as I have the opportunity to do this, I refuse to waste it.

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This personal statement was written by alevelssuck for application in 2009.

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it's difficult because it depends on the offers i get, i had to write this for two different courses, french or french and history
still any advise/criticism would be useful


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great ps :)

great ps :)
but maybe just get straight to the point- of exactly what you want to study at university.
Just out of interest, where are you applying/ have applied to?

did you appply to ULIP?

did you appply to ULIP?

i'm in the same predicament this year as you were last year, applying for french/ french and history.
how did you get through it? i'm really struggling.

consequently where are you studying now?


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