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The study of history has always been a profound interest of mine; I find delving into the past a truly invigorating experience. By enhancing my knowledge of past events I can more effectively evaluate the future implications of episodes of history.

I have been fascinated by my studies of World War Two, particularly the allied powers' sheer determination to prevail by any means possible. This was demonstrated most savagely on the Eastern Front, which not only showcased the often complete disregard for human life; but also the gargantuan clash between two directly opposed ideologies.

It's intriguing how historians have different views on Hitler's invasion of the Soviet Union. For example whether the goal of Operation Barbarossa was to pre-empt a Soviet attack or whether the invasion was completely offensive.

My love of history has steadily grown as I learnt about more events, such as the Cuban Missile Crisis. Having lived in Canada for the last 4 years I have developed a greater understanding of Canadian history, including an appreciation of Canada's contribution during World War One.

Their heroics at the Battle of Vimy Ridge demonstrated a crucial aspect of the war for Canadians in that it helped them discover national identity. I was able to apply theories which I had studied in Politics, such as nationalism. I eagerly look forward to the opportunity to study a wide range of history at university, particularly the impact of different political theories and systems.

I believe a good general knowledge of Politics is of paramount importance to become a well rounded citizen. Politics shapes, coordinates and effects the way society is run.

Every facet of life, education, health care, taxes; all these avenues are under the firm grasp of politics. I am intrigued by how such a small group of individuals make important decisions that have a direct impact on millions of people.

Moreover, I find it interesting to see how different political systems interact and how these interactions affect the world. How they publically react to international events only serves to further enhance my knowledge about different political systems.

With regards to China and the United States, this becomes apparent; especially when it comes to North Korea. This was shown recently after the shelling of Yeonpyeong Island by North Korea. China's response was of caution, condemning neither side, while the U.S strongly condemned North Korea and even deployed a Carrier Strike Group into the area to deter further North Korean aggression.

I believe that a better tomorrow starts with learning the events of yesterday. I want to apply the knowledge of history and politics and greater independence that I will acquire through university study to make a real difference in peoples' lives.

I hope to eventually become involved in politics and help to address the needs of the people while at the same time fighting causes I feel strongly about like global warming. I look forward to joining many clubs and societies to make the most of my experience.

Outside my studies, I currently work full time as a Material Handler in a factory, which requires me to work 12 hours shifts, to tight deadlines and effectively in a team made up of people from all ages and backgrounds.

The skills I have learnt will enable me to make a smooth transition to university life, as will the independence I have developed by travelling to Borneo unaccompanied. In my free time I enjoy reading, watching movies and walking my dogs. I am also a member of an Amateur Boxing Club. I have so far had 6 bouts, winning 5.

Boxing is a truly independent sport requiring great dedication and discipline to stick to rigorous regimes and succeed. I approach my studies with the same attitude, continuously striving to work to the best of my abilities and displaying stamina to complete long projects. This commitment will enable me to rise to the challenges faced by university study.

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This personal statement was written by vspci for application in 2011.

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Really happy with my personal statement. Applied to Newcastle, Leeds, Manchester, Edinbourough and Northumbria. Still waiting to hear from them.


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