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I aspire to study history at university because I want the opportunity to develop and broaden my historical knowledge. An advantage of a degree in history is that the flexibility and the potential opportunities are endless.

The fact that you can analyse the past and then compare events to how a modern day society has been shaped due to significant moments of the past is another advantage of studying history.

Also you can gain an insight as to how and why different cultures have changed over time. History also gives us the chance to see the way a decision or even an individual’s actions brought about major events and what the consequences of that event happened to be. For example Martin Luther King arguably was one of the most influential leaders of the civil rights movement in America.

My enthusiasm for the subject was fuelled when I was younger due to to visits to museums and castles. My most memorable experience to date was a trip to the Imperial War Museum in London five years ago this museum in particular peeked my interest of British history especially World War One and Two.

I am also excited to explore American History even deeper than I did when i studied higher history as a pupil at school and then again at college. However i would love to explore aspects of history I have never studied before such as Modern South Africa or Imperial Russia.

I believe this course would suit me as i always hand in coursework on time and it is completed to the best of my ability. As a school pupil I achieved National 5 and higher history. However i am currently sitting the Higher History course again at college in the hope to gain a better grade.

Also as a school pupil i achieved National 5 and Higher English. This year i am also studying Higher Modern Studies, Higher Sociology and National 5 Maths. In particular English, Modern Studies and Sociology are all subjects that can relate to history as they all require the use of analytical and essay writing skills all my other subjects were chosen as they will all help me progress on to university.

I have many skills and qualities: I'm personable so I get on well with others and can work independently using my own initiative or as part of a team. I am hardworking and punctual so i always arrive to class on time and all work is completed to the best of my ability.

I am also friendly and have very good communication skills as I work in a children's play centre it has given me a chance to improve my confidence as a big part of the job is to help and serve members of the general public.

In 2010 I won The Davidson cup in my final year of primary school, this was awarded for endeavour throughout my time in primary school. I present my own radio show called Schools Out every Friday 4-6pm for Radio North Angus an independent radio station run by volunteers.

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