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From its unique vitality and power, to its ever-changing relevance, History has always fascinated me. The depth and diversity offered by a History degree excites me and I am attracted by the way it encourages us to both question and relate to the past. With the benefit of hindsight that history gives us, we are able to trace and reflect on the past, and, at the same time, we are better equipped for the future and for me this is particularly insightful.

The quest for Black Civil Rights, Britain's Appeasement policy up to 1939, Tsarist Russia and, particularly, the experience of War, are all areas which evoke specific interest in me. A degree which offers study in a field of interest appeals to my intellectual curiosity. What really separates History from other subjects is the sheer scope for debate and analysis; with so many conflicting interpretations, none necessarily 'correct' and this, I feel, is what makes the study of History so stimulating.

My curiosity for the subject was fuelled during an English lesson when our class studied Wilfred Owen's "Dulce et Decorum Est.". It left an indelible mark on me with the poignant evocation of the soldiers' plight during World War One and their awakening to the futility of war. From this point onward, I was determined to further my knowledge of the historical context in which this poem was written and this definitely strengthened my conviction with regard to studying History at a higher level.

This enthusiasm has never ebbed but has gradually swelled and this passion for the subject, I believe, is so crucial for fully appreciating History. My passion for the subject has informed my reading choices for my Advanced Higher English dissertation and my interest in Civil Rights issues in America is reflected in this. My studies in English have enriched my understanding of the struggle for equality in the Deep South.

Clearly, the study of History has developed my skills in writing; enabling me to reach intelligent and convincing conclusions on historical issues. The skill of analysing multiple opinions has, I feel, improved my transferable skills, ranging from questioning to writing thoughtfully with understanding.

My work experience placement at a primary school served to confirm my desire to study History at University and perhaps with a view to going into teaching. I received a remarkable insight into the determination, patience and energy required to work in such a profession. During the placement, I helped children with class-work and I particularly enjoyed helping with their newspaper reports on the impending merging of two schools. They would ask relatively simple questions from spelling to grammar difficulties and it felt good to be able to help them broaden their questions and consider different views on the issue. The experience proved to be deeply enriching, rewarding and ultimately enjoyable.

I became a prefect in Sixth Year and through this I have gained important leadership skills and the capacity to work as part of a team. I help a younger student as part of the learning support programme, an experience that is proving to be particularly rewarding given that the student is developing greater confidence in reading and, indeed, themself. I am a conscientious, sensitive and committed student and am confident that I have the qualities to succeed at University. I would approach my studies at Edinburgh with enthusiasm and would welcome the challenge of a demanding degree course, and the opportunity to contribute to University life

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This personal statement was written by MikeyC for application in 2008.

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Well, as I discovered, it is certainly difficult to self-critique oneself without sounding contrived and pretentious and I HOPE that to some degree I've achieved this! Nevertheless, this secured my entry into the University of Edinburgh studying MA (Hons) History! Woop! Hope it helps prospective undergraduates alike:)


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i think this is a good

i think this is a good personal statement and i'm currently having a lot of difficulty writing my own! can i just ask, which other uni's did you apply to apart from edinburgh and did you get offers to them all?

What grades did ya get though

What grades did ya get though?!

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