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Having spent a great deal of my studies learning about various periods in history, ranging from Ancient Egypt to the British educational system up to the modern day I know that this is a topic which I would thoroughly enjoy spending three years researching and learning more about. I feel that I have had enough experience of studying history, and doing the additional research necessary, and also knowing what work is required of me, to decide that a course in history is the right choice for me at university.

My interest in history is not limited to the classroom, as cruises around the breathtaking historical monuments of Egypt, and an emotional visit to Auschwitz will testify. These two trips, in addition to other minor excursions to various history museums, such as the Imperial War Museums in London and Manchester and the Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam, have greatly improved my knowledge of various periods in time, and have given me a broad insight into the different aspects of both modern and ancient history. Additionally, books such as 'Forgotten Voices of the Great War' by Max Arthur and, of course, Anne Frank's Diary have helped me to gain entirely different perspectives on certain historical events, and have improved my understanding of topics, not only within College, but also in personal topics of interest.

Although I am not sure of the career I wish to go into after university, I feel it would be beneficial to read a subject that has such extensive career opportunities, and, in the case of this course, such a broad expanse of individual topics to study, providing extensive knowledge, and also providing me with a variety of personal skills that are desirable to employers. Although my main love is for History, I also have a great interest in English, which is what lead me to take the role of College magazine editor last year. This role required me to organise and motivate a team of other students, and also to sort, edit and compile the final articles to make a magazine, working to a deadline of two days. I genuinely enjoyed this activity, and also relished the responsibility that was involved, and also delighted in the satisfaction of producing and impressive end product, on time!

I have recently started work in a bar, where punctuality, efficiency and hard work are essential. Although not directly related to the course I want to study at university, it has begun to provide me with vital skills, such as working effectively within a team and learning how to balance both a job and my college studies, which I feel will contribute greatly to my time in university. In my free time I take part in a number of activities including tennis and mountain walking. These are particularly satisfactory hobbies, as although they require hard work and practise, there are few things greater than the sense of achievement experienced when you win a match, or make it to the top of the mountain. It is this sense of achievement that has driven me to summit all 14 peaks over 3, 000 feet in Snowdonia.

Additionally, I also frequently volunteer at an Oxfam shop, and have also participated in a number of walks for charity, raising money for a number of causes. Although I put a lot of time and work into my studies, in my spare time I also like organising days out with friends, watching foreign films and going to gigs, regardless of the music, or company, a good atmosphere is essential. Furthermore, I love to read; my favourite authors being Sylvia Plath, and Daniel Evan Weiss. In my second year at College, I was offered the opportunity to partake in the Villiers Park Educational scheme in Cambridge, for a weeklong course on History. This course provided me with an even greater insight into what it will be like studying History at university, and further confirmed that this is most definitely what I want to do.

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This personal statement was written by all_the_noise for application in 2007.

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Haven't finished getting my offers yet, but it's served me well so far.
Obviously, not entirely happy with it, however there's not much I can do now.


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This isn't bad at all, and i

This isn't bad at all, and i think most people find fault and dislike their personal statments, i know i do!

All i can say is that i've noticed that both you and someone else have mentioned anne frank on their personal statments. Perhaps picking a more unusual or obscure topic would have made you stand out more. However, it doesn't seem to have worked for me so far, so maybe i'm wrong.

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