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Studying History at degree level has been my interest since my first ever history lesson in High School, for it is a subject that invites debate and feeds my inquisitive side. I have always been intrigued by what has happened before us and how it has led to where we are now.

Everyday life starts to become more interesting even if it's being able to know the origin of a street or what events took place there. An example of this would be learning that the private hospital in my town was once a work house in the 19th century.

This was fascinating as I walk past this building often. Visiting the Tate Modern museum and also one of the remaining Tudor houses intrigued me as the artefacts and memorabilia just triggered many questions.

Studying History at A-Level has reinforced my ability to formulate arguments effectively; it has also taught me to scrutinize sources at a higher level.

The module on Poverty and Public Health was captivating as it demonstrated how the role of the government has changed when it comes to tackling the different needs of society and understanding the foundations of the healthcare system which we enjoy today. It has led me to take part in, and enjoy more independent research and has helped develop my analytical skills.

In addition studying Economics has broadened my knowledge on how the country is run and how macroeconomic policies shape everyday experiences of individuals. It also acted as a catalyst for me to start researching the history of the Bank of England and how economic policy can be adversely influenced by political decisions.

The subject has taught me to distil information and develop points into strong comparative and contrasting arguments.

Outside of the classroom I take it upon myself to develop my knowledge and understanding of matters that i believe will aid my current and future studies.

Reading 'Land of Hope and Glory: the people and the British economy, 1830-1914' by R Floud helped me to understand how over time our economy has developed and how it started from the simplest models to the complex systems which essentially help the world to run as it does today.

In High School I was head of my tutor group for two years and also a member of the Student Council. During my time as a tutor group captain I organised a morning activity every week and also created and performed a class drama production for the rest of our year group for St. George's day.

As a member of the student council I was given the responsibility to organise activities to raise money for charities for example raising money for Haiti, Children in Need and also the flood in Pakistan, this not only increased my leadership ability but also gave me a big sense of fulfilment.

Outside of academia I enjoy playing football and was a part of the school cricket team. I regularly keep up to date with global current affairs.

The Syrian crisis is of particular interest to me as western intervention in the Middle East is something that has repeated itself over time, from the crusades in the 9th century to the 'War on Terror' in the 21st century.

Furthermore, learning about the British occupation of Egypt in 1882 led me to wonder why all these tragic events do not have a bigger influence on the decision making of western powers.

My A-Level studies have concentrated on the historical and political details of Britain and America. I wish to pursue my studies in depth by focusing on the history of countries across the globe.

By attaining a degree in History it will open up various avenues and career paths. I'm confident the skills attained will enable me to excel in anything from a career in finance to lecturing at a university.

The study of History demonstrates to us that we cannot understand the present if we do not understand the past and I believe it will give me a greater insight on how it shaped our modern day world.

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