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My curiosity for Economics first started after the EU referendum; the controversial Brexit result caused a decline in the forex markets, making sterling depreciate rapidly, increasing the cost of imported goods such as food. The questions raised by the consumers, producers, and government regarding adverse external effects on the economy, sparked my fervent interest in this field. I strongly believe that university would enable me to better comprehend how economics pervades greater society.

Studying this subject has shown me that an economic agent's decision or action can be the impetus for reformation within society. An economics degree could further unlock my potential, augmenting my prospects for a wide array of career opportunities. The more I learn about this subject, the more certain I am, that I want to pursue a career within the field.

Politics and Financial Studies have complemented economics well. Politics helped me formulate my own ideological views, forcing me to challenge my own beliefs with the current climate of UK and US politics; I exposed myself to different opinions which I had not considered before.

The economic consequences of decisions made by world leaders also helped me build upon my understanding on how the ever-changing political world forces structural changes to the economy. I am excited to learn more about how such changes affect society. Financial Studies has allowed me to see the detailed impact of external factors like interest rates on an individual's financial situation and reinforced my understanding of the relationships assumed in Economics. Overall, I believe this helped me widen my knowledge of both macro and microeconomics.

I have been listening to podcasts, thus contextualising the work that I complete in class. A favourite podcast is 'Economics in Ten' which discusses the role of economic thinkers, combining it with modern day economic theory. A thinker which was discussed was 'Thorstein Veblen', his key ideas were that consumers gain pleasure not from consumption itself, but rather from other people seeing how they spend their wealth in such manner. Even with the theory being conceived in 1899, it still percolates throughout society, with many people purchasing items to essentially 'show off'.

I also read the magazine, 'The Economist' and regularly familiarise myself with news articles - particularly The Financial Times, being slightly less biased, while also covering key financial and global affairs - such as stock markets - has resonated with me as I've developed interest while learning more about this subject; Undertaking additional research has led me to understand how the subject's context can be applied to everyday life. I was lucky enough to appear on a TV interview from ITV Anglia in which I spoke about both the positive and negative economic effects of the UK government under Theresa May.

I saw this as a platform to amplify my confidence along with presenting my views. I discussed my reasoning using wider knowledge and references from my course to come to a justified conclusion.

I was the captain of my local football team. Having this role developed my team building connections, aiding me as I proactively involve myself within group work, such as taking part in a national competition called, 'student investor challenge'. This strongly connected to economics, additionally, it helped integrate my leadership qualities into action.

Furthermore, I have worked as a restaurant host, helping me obtain excellent communication skills, bolstering my confidence. I also had other demanding responsibilities within the restaurant, helping me perform well under pressure, a practice that I execute in my education.

I am a determined individual, looking forward to future challenges that await at university. A career related to economics is something I strive for, and I believe a degree is the best way I can implement that vision.

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