Economics and Politics Personal Statement Example 5

It was when I read a book 'Confession of an economic hitman' that a desire instilled in me to explore the mechanism of the world and the crux on which society runs. Who controls the world and its resources and what influences our decisions on resources? Does slavery and imperialism still exists in essence today? Who sits at the top of the human 'food chain'?

The book indicated that an unfair system of 'corporatocracy' evasively run by corporations, banks and governments penetrates our economic and political systems.

To gain more insight, I read more books like 'when corporation rule the world' and 'global disorder' and starting reading magazines like 'the economist' and 'financial times' to get acquainted with today's economic circumstances and the corporate world. Gradually, I developed a fervent fascination for economics and realized that it is a complex world where we live in with an intricate system of control!

I live in a country where a plethora of economic defects like inflation, inequality and poverty have made difficult for her to progress. Political instability has always been a big hindrance in the growth of our economy.

However what intrigued me that how come our country which regularly faced a military coup after a decade of civilian government 3 times achieved higher growth and prosperity in these regimes rather in civilian government? Why do the western political philosophy and the system of democratic government contribute less in the progressiveness of our economy?

Social Studies and Mathematics have been my favorite subjects and I have always been interested in the subtlety of the society and the environment around it.

From Mathematics I have derived that no matter how difficult a problem is, there is always a way of achieving a solution.

Besides that, Accounting is another subject that I have enjoyed studying; however Accounting caters corporate interest only and for one always wanted to go beyond and work for the society. Striving towards public welfare has always been my priority.

I'm an active member of a social welfare organisation 'Greenwave' which set up free small-scale businesses for the poor and destitute as well as organizing events and workshops for creating political and economic awareness among them.

I was part of the team that represented my college last year in "Youth Leaders and Entrepreneurs Summit", a 3 day event organized by one of the first student-based business society of our country made at LUMS (A private university considered one of the top university in our country).

I gained a good exposure from the event by networking with other students who had come from parts of the country to participate and the university students. It also improved me as a team-player as I had contributed my part in our team's success in coming 2nd in one round out of four.

I'm also the 'coordinator' of the business society of our college and help organize events that focus on recognizing the spirit of innovation, ingenuity and entrepreneurial aspirations within students.

A culture of sustainable 'entrepreneurship' is, I believe, prerequisite for developing a healthy economy.Other than that, I'm also learning French language to improve my cognitive skills and will take the DELF examination this year.

A degree from your university will not only give me in-depth study of the interrelated sciences but will open the doors for me in other disciplines like corporate law, government economic policy making, journalism and other fields where I can use the gained intellectual potency to stand up against exploitation, inequality and high-handedness of the corrupt, plunderers and those taking the law, rights of others into their hands. `

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