Philosophy, Politics & Economics Personal Statement Example 2

I am very interested in the upcoming election and how the different parties' attitudes to business and welfare will affect the vote and the eventual success of the country. I wish to study a course that will provide me with a thorough insight into the political and economic impact of our national decisions.

Books such as Tim Harford’s The Undercover Economist have further revealed how the economy and the ‘real’ world interact. This has made me query how much a number like the GDP matters when it fails to take into account elements as important (albeit nearly immeasurable) as a population’s happiness. I am interested that Nicolas Sarkozy is raising these issues in France. I keep up with current affairs through reading newspaper articles and watching programs such as Question Time.

To further my understanding of the financial world, I arranged work experience with Tideway Investment in London. At first sight this appeared to be a surreal world where moving money around creates more money. I began to learn more about the realities of valuing companies and stock. This raised questions related to the generation of wealth and how this is affected by economics and politics.

One way I have personally attempted to explore these issues is to write a novel manuscript, the two lead characters being a student and a criminal outcast. It is an exploration of the two characters’ status and integrity, tracing their economic class and comparing how much the government values each individual. I learnt much from this personally motivated project. I did considerable research covering issues such as “Megan's Law”, and was influenced by political writers such as George Orwell and Truman Capote. I enjoyed exploring issues such as how a criminal record changes job prospects, and yet how a class of lesser paid citizens may be required for society to function. It raised my concern about the philosophy and ethics of political systems, and has motivated me to study these issues further. By writing this novel during my college studies I demonstrated rigorous time management skills and dedication.

In 2008 I submitted a short story and won a place at Atlantic Center For The Arts, Florida, on a creative writing residency. This boosted my ability and self confidence in my work.

I have spent time discussing political issues as a member of Truro College's Academic Academy, including debates on how to deal with illegal music downloading, and what can count as 'art'.

In 2009 I worked as a Junior Mentor at an International Gateway for Gifted Youth summer camp at Warwick University. I managed two groups of teenage students. I enjoyed this position of responsibility and developed my skills in teamwork, motivating young people, and leadership.

Last year I formed a band for which I play guitar, sing, and compose songs. I hope I will be able to push my musical limits with other talented musicians at the University.

My A level subjects reflect my strengths in both sciences and arts. I appreciate the logical rigour in Mathematics, and the practical empirical nature of the sciences. In the arts, I have developed critical and analytical skills and creativity. I want to utilise this combination of my abilities in my degree course. I am keen to gain insight into the complex relationship between political, economic, and scientific thought, and how this is integral to our society.

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This personal statement was written by helloearthling for application in 2010.

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Oxford University
University College London
University of Bristol
University of Bath
The University of Manchester

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I applied for a mess of subjects - my two favoured choices being PPE at Oxford, and Science/Communications at UCL. On the back of some not-so-stunning GCSE grades, I did well out of it.


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this is really good in terms of combining several subjects. Mind me asking what you got for your GCSEs?

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