Economics and Politics Personal Statement Example 3

One of our golfing traditions would be to share a cold one after 9 holes, and that would be how my father and I would kick start many a discussion. Our discussion chanced upon two subjects:- the Asian Financial Crisis, and how it was affecting his business.

At that age, my interest was captured by mention of money, and our discussions have spanned many topics since, my favorites being the conception of the Federal Reserve and budget utilization by my country's government.

As I entered Junior College, I chose Economics as a subject to further help me understand the issues I have been exposed to as well as to build a foundation on the subject, which I understood to be ever relevant to how the world operates.

College allowed me to express my interest more keenly, and it was there where I grew especially interested in macroeconomics, relating to the decisions made in policy forming by countries to address the central problems of scarcity.

My teachers were instrumental in bringing up topics that were not bound by syllabus and that brought my attention to the writings of economic authors, amongst them Maloney and Krugman. Maloney's comments on the conception of today's monetary system was particularly interesting, it showed how politics and economics is constantly intertwined.

Whilst in college, I was able to participate in several Economics activities, notably, the National Economics and Finance Management Quiz and my school's Economics Symposium. The symposium granted me the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge creatively to address a real situation, with actual respondents to debate my group's theory.

The presentation demanded creativity; with the topic being the projected economic effect of the new Formula One race to various economies in Singapore.

For A-Levels, I took Mathematics and Physics which provided me a head for calculations and introduced statistics to my repertoire. I enjoy General Paper, and I feel the written communication skills it helps develop are increasingly significant today. Also, taking 4 H2 subjects taught me time management in devoting time to study all 4 subjects.

I chose to experience working life before university, and I am now working as a tuition teacher in Singapore, teaching English and the Sciences.

It is a personal joy for me to teach, and I take immense satisfaction from my pupil's achievements. In my spare time, I enjoy reading fiction and economic works as well as playing soccer (I am a lifelong fan of Liverpool FC). In college, I was part of the tennis team and a participant of tournaments.

A sport I enjoy is Tae Kwan Do, I am one belt shy of black, which I am keen to obtain. I was part of my class committee in college. Family is a very important part of my life, and I share deep bonds with my family members.

It is my hope that I will become a more complete individual upon pursuing further education at your university, and develop maturity in the subject of economics. I am aware of the constant changes afflicting the world economy, and I believe that education at your university will help me keep abreast on these developments.

Given the chance, I feel myself ready to pursue such a course as well as living independently and to meet new people. My interest lies in experiencing different cultures and- hopefully- I would be able to do the opposite by contributing to your university's diverse population.

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i am really unsure, and am open to any comment. constructive, please.


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