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Having various experiences of national and international institutions with mass experiences in the field of management besides other administrative experience, I would like to express my keen eagerness for getting admittance in the chevening scholarship for the academic year 2009-2010 in the field of Public Administration.

I am currently Risk manager (Market) at Centralbank of Afghanistan (Da Afghanistan Bank); I have completed my primary, secondary and high school education at Nanagarhar Afghanistan.

In addition, I had honor to be officially invited to participate in different regional and international conferences in Turkey, India and Pakistan. I have gone through many short term educational and technical courses and have had the opportunity to participate in various national and international trainings.

Besides I am president of AYIG (Afghan Youth Initiative Group). This is one of new established active associations in Afghanistan, working for peace through promoting and developing leadership training, arranging workshop, meeting and conferences among youths as well as I am lecturer of Economics subjects and English at karwan Karwan Inistitue.

I had thought English and Mathematic for more then two years in Arian English language Center and had the responsibility of back person for the general manager.

I am graduated from the Kabul University with B.A in Economics, during my study I started work with New Speen Ghar construction company as project and finance assistant as well as I joint AIESEC and I got key position their such as Team leader of External Relation, Vice President of Educational Exchange and MCP or National President of AIESEC in Afghanistan positions in very short time, AIESEC aims to developed the potential of youths at leadership and culture understating, by exchange program among Young's at more then 110 countries and 850 universities campus and introduce the young's with positive impact to communities.

As an Afghan citizen and social active, I know my country and the region well, and I am aware of my country and region' history, politics, sociology, local culture and especially socio-economic characteristics.

Afghanistan is now on its way toward reconstruction and rehabilitation despite of many challenges. And no doubt this process and breaking of these challenges needs educated Afghans, particularly youths who are valuable asset of community covering 75-80 % of the country population.

My academic background, aboard and inside work experience, and presences in various biggest international conferences in different European and Asian countries motivated me to gain more education and move forward for being able serve my country.

Therefore, attending this program will further enhance my higher education and cultural knowledge to comprehensively work for Afghanistan and utilize them for better future and prosperity of Afghanistan.

Hopefully after completion of this program in coming year I intend to work for the objectives of my professional career, which at the later stage transform to the objectives of my country in fighting against corruption and strengthening the economy of my country.

Therefore, I would like to request you for your assistance in providing me the opportunity of admittance in this program for further and higher education.

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This personal statement was written by paserly for application in 2008.

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I write this statement about the strengthen of Economy by bringing transparency and accountability through education afghan youth.

I hope you guys give me some useful advice


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