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It was during my high school studies when I got into "pyramid" sales chain Amway. Although their power sale techniques were not what I liked I had the first peak into the world of business. This world amazed me by its complexity and almost endless opportunities. I decided to entirely change the range of my studies and relocate to the UK to be closer to the global business.

I realize that to reach the most interesting positions in business it is crucial to never stop personal improvement and education and to gain as much experience as possible. University will be a big step on my journey. Business studies are a clear choice for me because of my desire to reach the top positions in consultancy, trading or management at later stages of my career.

All these require complex understanding of all areas of business. I will be able to benefit from the course that will help me understand the logic behind various management theories, advanced accountancy, trading and sales and improve my knowledge of areas I already got into during my studies. Given such opportunity I am looking forward to accept any challenges and invest any amount of time and energy. I enjoy and benefit from gaining information for research from many alternative sources and I want to join an institution that encourages this approach.

I studied HRM, Accountancy, Project management and Business Information Management. I learned how to be assertive, work in a team, manage my schedule and leadership theories and their application. During various projects I improved my research and planning skills significantly. My presentation and communication skills were given a significant boost during various units. I also enjoyed studying with several mature co-students. They were an important source of practical information from their careers and their determination had a great influence on me.

As for my working experience, Amway showed me the importance of self motivation and long-term goal setting. In AGplus I worked in small team and saw sales in action. My current job has been useful for my communication skills and teamwork and also has given me the opportunity to see family own business run solely on experience.

My Interests include books, the best I read recently were Personal Best from Marc Woods (great for goal setting) or Resistance is useless from Geoff Burch (amazing book on sales and persuasion). I also always enjoy classic books from Tom Peters. I am a regular reader of FT since my second year of HND as it is by far the best business newspaper.

I used to play floorball for nine years and I fought my way through to Czech national team and was amongst the youngest goalkeepers ever to be first choice in a major league team at the age of 16. I learned how to work under extreme pressure and it also showed me that any mistakes that I make are an opportunity to improve and not things to regret. Now I play basketball and attend a gym to keep myself fit and to relax.

I made some mistakes in the past such as not ideal choice of my high school, but thanks to those I realized that I never want to end up like a frog in boiling water. In case that you don't know what happens to a frog that you place into a pot of water and increase the heat I will tell you. It will boil. Boil without making a single attempt to escape because it thinks that it is the best to stay in familiar environment and any change could only bring the worse. That is the reason why I want to join business studies instead of staying in the familiar environment of Administration and IT I have studied at the HND level.

I know this is the ultimate change in my education and I believe it is the best choice for my future career and life. The only thing I want from the university is to be given the opportunity to make this change, the rest will be on my desire to succeed.

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This personal statement was written by lemon36 for application in 2000.

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I studied HND Admin and IT in the uk and I applied for 5 scottish universities on Business studies year of entry 2


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i worked for the cobra group

i worked for the cobra group what very horrible direct marketing company.

That was really great! im in

That was really great! im in Amway myself...i find Amway's Network Marketing really interesting...

the PS was ... simply

the PS was ... simply Brilliant, I m gona apply for B and L studies and this will benefit me a lot! really awsome PS, expresses not only confidence in intentions but the strong will to rock the top! ! ! you re gona go far kid!

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