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My aim in life is to be successful in business. To achieve this you need to have confidence in yourself and the people around you amongst other things, and I feel I have the right credentials and experience to do just that.

I chose my A Level subjects with a career in business in mind. I chose Business and IT as I felt they would be compatible given that IT features strongly in today's world of business. The skills I have obtained in my ICT course have been invaluable as I have become able to use a variety of challenging programs which are in constant use in the commercial world such as Microsoft Project and Dreamweaver. I chose Geography as I believe that to survive in business you have to have an appreciation of the environment around you and the cultural diversities that create a global market. I have especially enjoyed the human side to my Geography course as it covers the evolution of major cities and how the commercial climate has changed the area.

A particular interest I have is the Canary Wharf development in the London Docklands which was the Geography trip and since then I have always had a passion to work in a fast paced corporate environment similar to Canary Wharf. I enjoy the variety of my Applied Business course, particularly where I have to use my analytical skills. My teacher has commented that this is a particular strength of mine.

My enthusiasm and interest in business studies increased following my participation in the Young Enterprise programme. Unsure of exactly what the programme entailed, 8 of us formed a group determined to be young entrepreneurs. We floundered at the first hurdle, bickering at board meetings, unsure of our individual roles and undecided on the product. I discovered a talent for leadership when I assumed the role of managing director. I gave direction and purpose to the group and I was quickly put to the test by negotiating with big organisations such as Sheffield Wednesday FC and Recycle UK on obtaining their badge licence for our product, inevitably coming out with free access to their logos. I designed the presentation and corporate image of the group and we successfully went through to the county final where I designed, directed and led a presentation given to around 200 people about our product and our experiences of the programme. I am very proud that we won best product and proves the work I and the team put into the group came off.

As a result of my role as Managing Director, I was invited to be a member of the Young Enterprise Board, an invitation that is only given to one young person from the Derbyshire area which means I am the ambassador for the students and my views are taken with great respect from my fellow board members. I have also been invited to give a speech at the Board's annual black tie dinner.

I would like to pursue a career in business, which is why I have applied for the Business Studies course. I am attracted by the range of modules offered, with the opportunity to specialise in the latter part of the course. I welcome the opportunity to experience all aspects of business before selecting the module that will shape my future.

I would describe myself as a reliable, honest and hardworking. To help fund my driving lessons and season ticket for Sheffield Wednesday, I have worked during the summer holidays as a labourer and have also worked part time as a pot washer and waiter in a somewhat fast paced environment, especially on Christmas day! Whilst I feel that I already have good communication skills, these jobs, particularly in the service industry have helped me develop skills in problem solving, communicating with people of all ages and the discipline of timekeeping and working as part of a team.

University education is not only a great step towards a potentially rewarding career, but will offer me fantastic opportunities to become involved a great range of activities and I have a real passion to be a part of that.

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This personal statement was written by alexwtid for application in 2009.

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This statement reflects on my attributes as a businessman and why the university should choose me! :)


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this is a nice statement very

this is a nice statement very clear in his approach to tell exactly whqat he wants to do with the course

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Egor Laffikins

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Egor Laffikins

This is quite a good personal statement


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