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I want to study finance because it is a fascinating discipline dealing with money, markets and valuation that is relevant to all aspects of business. The financial system is there to make sure that those with good ideas get the money necessary to implement the ideas but finance is also concerned with the relationship between investor expectations about the future and current market values. A long-term career in finance requires certain qualities like decision making, problems solving and abilities to synthesize which in my opinion, I own. Since an early age I have always been determined and self-assured.

After graduating from high school I decided to move to Chicago to study. The finance and economics classes I have taken helped me to go to my finance skills in depth, using a combination of intuitions and analyses. Research papers enhanced my ability to deal with ambiguity in a quick changing environment where things can change from day to day. Furthermore, my involvement in an online certificate in finance gave me the opportunity to be more self-disciplined, organized and learnt me how to look for information in financial reviews like the Economist, the Wall Street Journal or the Financial Times and focus on financial info across different origins. By the way, it was also the beginning of the sub primes crisis and being in this environment allowed me to hear more of the differences between a practical and a theoretical situation. While candidates were running for Presidency, it was very interesting to see how they were debating about the country business reforms like a more federal reform regulation of corporations or the way to help small businesses.

Throughout my work experiences, my internship in a bank has provided the opportunity to work as a team co-operating with others and at the same time being independent. Often, I have been able to work on my own initiative, which I have enjoyed immensely as it has allowed me to use my own ideas and thoughts. Moreover, during high school, I have been twice-elected as a captain and it was a very rewarding experience. By being a spokesperson, my mission was to represent the views of my classmates and it brought me more than I was expected. In fact, those responsibilities taught me how to be more mature, developed my communication skills which are essential in an efficient organization. I have worked on things like music equipment for our common room and changed the suppliers of our lunch menu which resulted in a price-cutting.

Outside of my school life, I really enjoy to travel, sail and read. During high school, I raised 1000 Euros for a school trip in Western Europe by selling handmade cards and also organizing an exhibition about World War II. I also won several boat-races with my team, as competitor is one of my qualities. In my spare time, reading economics biographies and essays about the world of finance is also very pleasant.

With those various experiences in life, I personally believe that my passion and preparation will allow me to succeed in my studies and make career in finance.

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