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I am a Human Resource Co-ordinator. My long-term goal is to practice as a Human Resource Manager. In order to pursue this goal, I would like to enrol in a university that emphasises putting theoretical concepts learned in the classroom into practice with a work-placement

My career goals were shaped by my experience at British Airways during my break from university in the summer of 1990. At British Airways, I was part of the HR team that processed, reviewed and interviewed applications for pilot recruitment. These skills proved very useful to me when I accepted employment in the HR department at Metro Services while continuing my full time university studies in America.

At Metro, I played an integral role in shaping the internal business model and practices to accommodate expansion during period of rapid growth of a multimillion-dollar firm, personally supervised 150 direct staff members, defined job duties and hired all staff.

I consider this to be my most significant personal accomplishment. Moreover, my work experiences have led me to recognise the numerable opportunities arising from the favourable HR environment and thus have helped to shape my goals and aspirations. My professional experiences so far have been diverse yet relevant to my ambitions

Graduating university with a Psychology degree, I developed excellent analytical skills and improved my problem-solving ability. Shortly after, I joined GEO Corporation where I became responsible for teaching English classes. Primarily, I had taken the overseas position for only a year but I fell in love with the job, company, country and the language so much so that I decided I would stay on a further year

After 48 months there, I seriously confronted the thought of returning back home to Australia when I was invited to join and shape up a very new prestigious school, in the infamous district of Tokyo, that was encountering some staff problems.

I accepted the senior teaching position and it allowed me to pursue more responsibilities in regards to the business operations side of the company. Once again, I progressed rapidly in this position. I provided advice on dealing with complex business problems, marketing and staff disputes and customer satisfaction.

Within one year of my tenure at the school, the school achieved a top five status of over 400 schools around Japan and was voted as the friendliest school by the corporation. I was personally awarded with the best teacher award for my accomplishments and contributions to the school.

Over the period of three years, I worked with students and peers and learned the art of both listening and explaining ideas. As a teacher, I stayed attuned to the latest theories in the industry and have developed in-depth analytical and communicational skills.

I enjoyed the challenge of adapting to different environments and the opportunity to work with a diverse, incredibly intelligent group of people. However, this job was devoid of my true interest: the HR field

In my current position at work, I am now a human resource co-ordinator evaluating issues related to development, recruitment, training. This has given me a solid understanding of the various quantitative tools used in valuation by HR managers.

In the process, I have sharpened my quantitative skills and critical thinking abilities -- not to mention the all-important ability to work efficiently with very few hours of sleep. Hasten to add I have never had the opportunity to take courses exploring Core Management, Managing People, Personnel and Learning development and so on.

To realise my ultimate career goal, I clearly must enhance my abilities in these as well as other areas. I believe that the Postgraduate HR Management programme will provide me with the necessary knowledge to enhance and develop my capabilities. Also, in order to become a successful HR manager, it is imperative that I gain a more thorough education

In the past several years, my career goals have been defined and refined as my professional responsibilities have changed. I have gained managerial experience and have learned to work within a team environment in the HR field. While I have excelled in my work, I have also begun to understand the value of further education at this time in my career.

My career thus far has been somewhat educational and practical but limited-- I have learned different things in my positions as a HR Manager, Co-ordinator and Teacher. This knowledge base has helped me establish professional goals for myself within the HR industry and strengthened my desire to obtain a Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management.

Obtaining further education is therefore imperative if I wish to pursue my career goals. To this end, I have used my work experience to help me prepare for the academic rigors of. Gaining a diploma is not the only reason I want to attend the university.

It will better equip me to run a management team through my new found theoretical knowledge. It will provide me information on all modes of management development operations, hr strategies, case studies, areas in which I have little experience

Besides giving me theoretical, work placement training and the much-needed CIPD qualification, a Management education will strengthen the foundation of my HR knowledge. Also, as businesses in this industry downsize, a greater emphasis is being placed on cross-functional abilities of HR managers.

Though I have encountered many ideas through my experiences in hr roles, I feel I have had little contact with the major operations side of the role. The studies would expose me to management and operating concepts with which I am unfamiliar. In short, I desire the holistic view of the 'business' that a postgraduate diploma education would provide

As I have stated, my experience in both university and the various work environments I have been in, have been rewarding to me both educationally and professionally. Yet I realise I have only scratched the surface, and I would like to continue my education so that I can fulfil my ultimate goal of becoming an invaluable asset to a management team. I have the tools, and now I just need the resources of (Uni) to jump-start my career

While I can continue to advance in my career without a Diploma, I need at least the CIPD qualification so that the pace of my career advancement can quicken. I am confident that I have the potential to succeed as a HR manager. I have accumulated useful knowledge, managerial ability, analytical skills, and communication skills through my various experiences.

I am responsible, inquisitive and aggressive. I have the ability to deal with complex technical issues in an analytical yet professional approach. I'm interested in acquiring the skill set and knowledge necessary to become a HR Manager; the program will prove central to my future success.

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