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Passion is definitely the word which describes my feelings for business. As my father started up his own pharmaceuticals company, he is obviously very attached to it, and tends to transfer that enthusiasm to me. Nowadays I am constantly updated on what's going on inside the business and try to have an input into some of my father's decisions. My interest of aptitude for business was confirmed by Futurewise aptitude test taken in 2006.

I was disappointed a narrowly miss B grade in GCSE, so on the IB exams I will be aiming for a high grade in maths. I have always enjoyed doing mathematics even though I have preserved to overcome difficulties, and reach a final correct answer giving me a great feeling of immense satisfaction. I took ICT in the GCSE course and the Information and Technology in a Global Society (ITGS), because I think that it is amazing on how businesses are increasingly more dependent on technology to survive and develop.

I have many hobbies; sports are definitely what I enjoy the most. Since year 7 I got into the football team at my school every year representing it with many other schools from around the country, I played in another local football team, where I was captain for most of my stay in there, until I had to leave due to a serious injury, which I have recently recovered from. Furthermore I also do kite surfing, tennis, body boarding and volleyball in my free time. Since very young I always enjoyed being in water, so at 10 years of age I was already in competition, being the youngest swimmer competing against others.

Design and technology is one of my favorite subjects, I like to draw and create things whilst listening to music. I am very good with computers, so I learnt more and more to increase my expertise in this area which I think is crucial in the business world. For CAS I had the opportunity of giving service to the community. My friends and I went to two different centers to teach and take care of young children. We went to two different places to be of assistance these institutions, and I also helped around in school to be able to conclude my 50 hours of community service. Doing community service for many months, I learnt that a little help and friendship with those children makes a vast difference, and when we do, we feel great about it. In 2006, I spent a whole week doing work experience in my father's pharmaceutical company.

Every day I would be learning and working with each person from each area in the business, to get a better perspective of their day to day job. I was able to compare the different branches and I was also able to come to a conclusion; the two areas which I enjoyed the most were finance and Managing director. Going to the UK to study has always been a dream for me. British universities have the finest reputation and I would take pleasure in studying there as a consequence of that. I think I will succeed in an English course as I have been a part in an English school for over 14 years now, both my language and literature are up to a great standard. In addition I also have the pleasure of having many English friends, and have had the good fortune of going to England several times.

Entering your university I will give my full potential and determination to be able to reach as higher grades possible to engage a great future in business. I will definitely participate in as many sports as I may, to represent your university best possible way as I did and try to leave my mark in that area, as I did with my high school football team. In the IB course I have worked with determination to improve my grades so that I could fulfill one of my biggest dreams, studying Business in a great UK university.

Entering your university won't just accomplish one of my greatest dreams; it will also open new and great windows of opportunity for me and help me go on with my other immense dreams for the future.

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