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My name is Sirisopa Chaiyanit. I received Bachelor's Degree in the field of Business Administration with the concentration of Marketing from Asian University of Science and Technology. At the present, I am working in Sangwailai Land Ltd, Co. which is my family business.

The company is about a real estate development in Pattaya, Thailand. I have intended to work in my family business since I was a senior in High-School. Then, when I have spent more time to work on my business, the more I love it so that I have a resolution to bring the company to be the leading real estate developing company in the East of Thailand.

With the position of new generation of the executive management, I do not just working in the real estate business but I look at myself as an important part in fulfillment customers' dream to be true by producing a good and quality product and serving the best service to customers.

This is my working principal. Also, my career plan does not stop an investment only in hosing but it covers to condominium and hotel which requires huge amount of capital. As a result, I need to learn more in the advanced level, Master's Degree, in order to use this knowledge to lead the company to the goal.

According to the reasons above, I studied thorough Master of Business Administration program outline of Oxford Brookes University. I am interested so much in studying for this program. Not only the program matches with my purpose to improve and develop myself to have enough qualifications for being a senior executive in the future, but the program also can be manipulated in the real world of business.

For examples, a successful executive have to have qualification of being a good leader. Building a unity of company needs to use leadership skill so that studying about Leadership Development is necessary.

Additionally, at the present, even the world is in the globalization era, each country and continent still differ from each other in language and culture.

Also, there is a rising of foreigner investment which makes the higher growth of economics. As I am a local entrepreneur in Pattaya where is an attractive area in an investment, the study of Globalization Business Strategy is much useful to increase my competitive advantage in the highly competitive situation. In order to surviving in the intensely competitive era, I need to improve and change the company to get along with the economics and society.

Thus, Organizational Innovation and change is a subject that will prepare me to handle the changes and find the solutions which return in the optimal end-result.

If I studied in Master of Business Administration of Oxford Brookes University, it would not be only a good chance to get worth experiences in living in the different culture that I can adapt them to use in my future life, but also educate me with useful knowledge which makes me to be more professional and confident.

These things will build me to be a executive who has smart vision and high capability to lead to company with firmness to the goal for being the first in the real estate development in the future.

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This is my first personal statement. I think it is not quite good and interesting. Anyway, please comment my statement how it is good or bad for me. Your comment will be useful for me in the future


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