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Ever since an early stage in my life, I have always worked hard to overcome challenges. This in turn influenced my passion for business. Business can be a risky and competitive industry, but having considered my most desired skills and interests, I know that I am ready to step into the world of business.

My passion for business has reinforced my decision and motivation to study business at a degree level. I am a creative, alert and hard working individual who can work intuitively with a pragmatic approach to studying, and for this reason I believe I can succeed in this course. I am keen to develop my knowledge in marketing as this is an interesting area of work for me. I also like to carry out my own research, and find out new points about business that I haven't come across yet.

I understand that marketing demands a fair degree of scientific thinking. And that it is a complex profession, requiring a broad understanding of technology, an awareness of how to analyse and understand data, plus a good grounding in a variety of other scientific and mathematical principles which I personally believe I have and this would enable me to progress and establish a good understanding.

Some of the modules that I have covered include Finance, Human Resources, Strategic Management and Marketing. With excellent understanding in these subjects that I have covered and an enthusiasm for knowledge, I am confident in my ability to progress further in business as I am keen to further my own skills in education.

I undertook a school-led work experience scheme at a business firm called Bridge Park in Wembley. Being an office-based job, I was able to further my organisational and interpersonal skills as I learnt the importance of professionalism in the work area and the day-to-day pressures of deadlines. During my time at Bridge Park, I recognised how businesses work with one another to gain profit.

During my secondary school life, I captained my football team from year 7-11. This improved my leadership abilities as I learnt how to organise the team, and understood the importance of teamwork, encouraging the players and improving team morale and spirit.

Being a successful captain, I always believed in a democratic team who could interact with each other, giving individual input from each of the members, and my role was to bring their ideas together and make final decisions. Being captain made me gain the understanding of commitment to the team and helping the team to a winning form.

I have been on various trips, one of which was a school trip to Egypt. It was an amazing experience, where I interacted with people from a different background. I was able to acknowledge and understand the values and norms of other cultures. This was thoroughly rewarding and I now have a deeper appreciation of diversity.

I am a believer of pro-actively trying to make a difference to world poverty and even in the current climates of recession I strongly believe that the developed countries have a duty to developing countries today. I'm currently donating monthly to Oxfam and have previously undertaken some volunteer work for the charity organisation, which provides domestic aid to developing countries.

During this time, I was able to help raise money to give aid to the children in Somalia. I found this experience very rewarding as I know that however little my efforts may seen, they have surely provided at least one child a better life. These efforts only strengthened my determination to work hard and achieve to the highest of my ability.

Making full use of the facilities we have in London, I am a regular attendee at my local gym and am a fanatic of sport, from hockey to basketball, but favouring football.

Having read a lot of media reviews on health and fitness and assessed the new approaches to health over the last few years, I am much more aware of the need to be positive about my health and understand the physical importance of taking care of your body and its effect on the mind, than ever before.

I intend to study at university and achieve a high class degree that will greatly help me to pursue my career plans in Business.

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This personal statement was written by bad_boy_g for application in 2009.

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I'm coming to end of my personal statement i just wanted some thought from other people what they think and what i could improve!


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Well done

im applying for a marketing/advertising degree for 09 entry...still working on a new PS, thought they dont have anything on Advertising and only 3 Marketing statements > not really a gr8 amount of help from any of Ive been reading through some of the Business ones.

So far, urs has really stood out Great statement :) in terms of covering all areas from academic achievements, work exp. extra cirricualar activities etc. while still showing u have a life!/are a well rounded person & without being too big-headed/waffling on/boring or using fancy words which look out of place n dnt rel8.. G00dluck, where have u applied so far?...


I've applied to Kent, nottingham trent, reading, brighton and worcester.! i havent yet sent my statement off going to send it off by today or tomorow what abt u where u applied?

yeh im just finishing up on

yeh im just finishing up on myne and hoping to send it off by tommorrow. I've summed it down to just 2 main unis that i want to go to - Hertfordshire and Northampton, but will probz add another thats in/around the london area maybe..

Very good! Affirmative,

Very good! Affirmative, confident and assertive!

Tres Bon!

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