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From a young age, I developed an eager interest to how both small and large businesses work. My enthusiasm for a business-related subject came from growing up watching my stepfather run a small and successful tailor store and my mother working at Citibank. This made me aware of the daily life in the business world where an extensive amount of time and effort is put in, in order to satisfy the need of the customers. As my stepfather's tailor store used to be situated in my home country Vietnam, I also became fascinated of how a business could be moved from one country to another. I became keen to understand how the success of a business could differ tremendously depending on culture and circumstances. Furthermore I have always been drawn to understanding the way the world works and how different cultures cooperate in order to function as a whole. Therefore working in the international spheres within business has for a long time been a great interest of mine.

Studying economics in social studies 1 and 2 strengthened these early interests. It taught me the pricing of goods and services, the process of production and the basic concept of supply and demand. Furthermore, in my sustainable development course, I learnt how Maslow's theory of hierarchy of needs can be used in businesses to motivate employees to work productively but also the importance for a business to operate sustainably with its stakeholders in mind. These subjects broadened my knowledge of the development of businesses in an ever changing world. Additionally, through the course of sustainable development I was awarded the opportunity to examine sustainable solutions to transport on a study trip to India. I believe this allows me to advance my practical ability of collecting information and gain experience of the social, economic and environmental issues of the developing world.

Some other interests I have gained from my three years at upper secondary high school are my increasing interests for solving math problems as it has taught me to be determined in solving issues. Moreover my interest for studying English, Swedish, Mandarin, French and Vietnamese has developed my ability to write texts and essays and also understand different cultures. Therefore my mathematical ability allied to my broad linguistics has helped develop my communication skills and hold a balanced and open-minded outlook on the world. These can be useful to drive ideas forward in businesses on a national and global level.

Outside the classrom, I like to involve myself in extra-curricular activities in order to advance my educational experience. Being a part of school associations such as the graduation committee has helped develop my ability for leadership and organization. I was also a member of the schools cheerleading team. Cheerleading was physically demanding and required a great amount of trust. Due to this I learnt the values of hard work, determination and teamwork. Apart from school activities I work at a fast-food restaurant as a part-time job, this has taught me the essence of team work and handling stress and pressure. From this I believe that what has been learnt will be essential for all aspects in the studies of business.

Through studying an area in business at university I believe that it will further strengthen my understanding of this subject. As a student with an international background it would be perfect to study in the United Kingdom as it is offers many international cities with universities that have a global outlook. Also, after receiving high marks in the Social Studies program, I wish to further my ambitions in the business industry in hope to contribute to your university community as I develop theories and ideas of my own to improve the idea of managing a successful business.

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Applied to: Warwick university, loughborough university, strathclyde university, bristol university and Edinburgh university

Got offers from: Warwick university and loughbourough university

I will be attending Warwick university october 2017


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