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Business Personal Statement

I have a firm belief that the secrets of the modern society are based on basic practical, logical and lateral principles. This not only intrigues me, but also is driving me forward in my life. From barter systems to modern day stock markets all are based on the basic principles and such business has had huge impact in the growing of the society. Being an optimistic, hardworking and dedicated person I back my self to become an outstanding and a complete man and contribute to the society.

I come from a background where I have always been in business environments. Although I have learned a lot, the skills needs fine tuning and this course is a perfect balance of theoretical and practical aspects. The course is adaptable with growing market demands. I have learned to take up a challenge and the failures on the way never remained failures. The course will bring up new challenges and with my abilities and motivation I would be able to commit myself. The achievement would give pleasure but most of all it would uphold and open the gates of success.

At present I am studying an access course of travel and tourism. This is due to the fact that the access course of business was full and travel and tourism is a world wide industry. I am also doing GCSE Maths and English equivalence. I have learned a lot about the basic of business environment and have developed a sound interest in economics and law parts. Furthermore as English is not my mother tongue so I am doing IELTS to improve my language skills.

I have enough practical knowledge of business as I have worked through it most of my working life. Form 2001 to 2004 I worked as a floor manager in ****. Through my work I developed excellent communication skills with staff and customers. I also learned about human resource management and development. After that I took up a part time position as a manager at **** and there I was able to incorporate the knowledge of business to business interactions and learned financial and accounting aspects of business. I have also learned to work in target based environment and working under pressure.

Apart from this I hold a tiny winy interest in sports. I love to play football and volley ball while indoor games like table tennis and chess. Although I haven’t played any sport at serious level but I have learned lessons of team work and concentration. The most important lesson while playing I have learned is to do the right thing at the right time.

In my spare time, most of it during late nights I love to read books and do research by myself. Books like Whoops! I am in business by Richard Stim and Why every inventor should know about business and taxes are very interesting and informative. I love to analyse a company with SWOT and Porters five forces analysis. These have pulled me into studying business because not only I am interested but also have fun doing it.

At the end of the degree I would like to start up my own company. I have a dream to become an entrepreneur and this is my first step towards it. As it is said “A journey of a thousand miles begin with one step”

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This is really a very good personal statement. But you need to polish your english so that it can be very smooth. Cos' you made some errors of using "learned" instead of "learnt"

I despise the use of American

I despise the use of American English in the UK. Whenever I hear words such as 'learned', 'gotten' or see a 'z' replacing the letter 's' when written down I grit my teeth

A little enlightment:

A little enlightment: "learned" is the way I learned it in Germany as British English so you better do not condemn anybody for using it...

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