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Business is not just about figures and charts, it would be nothing without the people driving it forward. Therefore the part of the Business Studies’ A-level that has inspired me the most has been Human Resource Management. This is because it involves people and examines what motivates and irritates them. At university, I am looking forward to putting the theory I have learned so far into practise by participating in a year in industry and learning in greater detail about the complexities of how a business succeeds. A Business Studies’ degrees offers flexibility and will, I believe, give me a competitive advantage when I graduate.

My other A-level choices have been driven by my desire to study Business at university. Firstly, I chose Psychology because it is, I believe, a great complimentary subject; a business is nothing without people and it has taught me how and why people behave the way they do. Secondly I chose French, as to survive in the business world, you need to be able to operate globally, and finally I took Chemistry, to develop my logic and reasoning ability and because I enjoy it.

My love of Business Studies has lead to my involvement in a number of extra-curricular activities including Young Enterprise, Student Investor and the Cranfield Business Challenge. In Young Enterprise I played a major role in taking our business from an idea to reality, and in motivating team members who were less committed to the success of the company. We attended several trade fairs, but did not have a product to sell until a few days before the first one. I came up with a supplementary product, sourced the raw materials, and set up a production line after school to produce it. My time management skills were put to the test at this time, as I had a heavy workload at school and a revision timetable to keep to. By applying the I.C.E structure to the questions in the Young Enterprise exam, I achieved a Credit at the end of the year. Student investor is a business simulation, which involves buying and selling shares for well known companies. Not only did I learn about the FTSE 100 and how shares work in real life, I also developed my team working and decision making skills, especially when considering which companies to invest our money in. The Cranfield Business Challenge was a good opportunity to utilise the knowledge I had learned from Business Studies and apply it to a real case. It is a business simulation about pricing strategies and it helped to develop my analysis skills by examining those strategies used by our competitors.

I completed my work experience at a local internet marketing company, as I thought that I would experience a wider variety of roles within a small business. I learnt a great deal from the time I spent there, in particular when matching the demands of their clients to the service provided. I was a school council representative, both at middle and upper school, which helped me to develop my communication skills, with fellow students and teachers as well. I have also been a tour guide at the new intake evenings, demonstrating my responsible attitude and my reliability by arriving on time and maintaining a professional image.

At home, when I have the time, I enjoy socialising with friends and reading. I babysit for a number of people, and have been trusted with babies as young as three months old. I frequently have to feed, bath and put them to bed, and I’m often recommended to other parents in the village as a reliable and mature babysitter.

I am a hardworking, ambitious and motivated individual who is determined to succeed at university, both in the degree I take and in my participation in university life in general. I believe that going to university is not just about getting a degree, it is about learning a subject because you want to. My passion is Business Studies and I therefore hope to fulfil my ambition to study this at university.

This is a business personal statement. I attained 5 conditional offers.

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This personal statement was written by livvie for application in 2010.

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Aston University
The University of Birmingham
Bournemouth University
The University of Kent
De Montfort University

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I think its quite good, as I received an offer from a university which I did not have high enough entry requirements for (University of B'ham). Let me know what you think though.
Also achieved offers from all the universities I applied to.


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This personal statement is

This personal statement is nice! Wow, on getting 5/5 offers!! :) Where did you end up going?

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