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It is true that degrees such as medicine, law and architecture, are highly recognised in society and are top fields for studying. However, business has grown to be a major part of day to day life; therefore my interest has lied in the core of a field which I believe has more importance than any other courses in today’s world, business management.

Last year I accomplished a University Foundation Programme in Science, as I wanted to study Biomedical Sciences. I studied subjects such as Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Quantitative Methods. During the course I started to lose passion for the science subjects and became more interested in Mathematics and Statistics.

One of the topics that most intrigued me was Quantitative Methods. Learning how to analyse and evaluate certain information, developing hypothesis and theories fascinated me. For this reason I decided not to go to university last year and take time to reflect on what I really wanted to do.

After some research, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to study business management. In my opinion it is a very challenging discipline to be learnt, providing an extended knowledge of the business environment. Moreover, it gives the necessary and fundamental skills for the twenty- first century business world, which requires the capacity to make crucial interpretations and judgements relevant to management.

As well as being outgoing, I am a very reliable and friendly person. I like talking to people from different cultures to broaden my knowledge of the world. I enjoy learning new languages: I currently speak three fluently and would like to learn others. I am the type of person that does not give up easily and when I want something I will work very hard to get it. I believe that being ambitious and confident are two important and indispensable skills that a person/student needs to have in order to excel in this line of work, and I undoubtedly have those skills.

From my point of view, pursuing business management at university will offer me many opportunities to succeed in my career. My aim is to ultimately be able to lead a successful business where I can provide a great service and create new job opportunities.

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good one


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