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To me, management is a game of control. In front of the game, management becomes interesting. I always tell myself there are only two choices in this game: to believe that I will win and put in the effort which is needed to achieve the victory or not to join this game in the very beginning. Among these two choices, I have chosen the former and I am ready for it now.

I am confident that I have the ability to learn how to manage. I graduated from Enterprise CoachingTechnology 1 & 2 last summer and built up friendships with different sorts of enterprises' executives and managers. More importantly we competed and we shared our life experiences. Though I was the youngest among the courses, I gained their recognition through different tasks and competitions, a few of them even offered me posts in their enterprises. At school in China, I had been active in the student union and League Branch Secretary. For 12 consecutive years, I earned the Outstanding Student Leader Award and I gained the prize of Youth League Leader for 6 consecutive years. I obtained confidence, independence and problem solving abilities at school.

In order to have experiences of management as soon as possible, I have been working in the HR department of my father's company during holidays. The company concentrates on solar energy relative products. My colleagues and I have developed a series of enterprise cultures and I was lucky to have chances to take up some of the marketing and sales strategy tasks. While I am in the UK doing my HND courses I sometimes write news scripts for the company. Through practical work experience, I believe better management could have greatly enhanced the company's efficiency and the knowledge in the university will help in modifying the company's system. So trust me! I am very passionate in management and I have a strong desire and responsibility in it.

Back in China, when I was in high school, I wrote articles for newspapers and magazines and took part as an editor for a national literature web site. My performance was spotted by the New Orient English School and was hired as a short term project assistant. I took part in a documentary this summer for the Beijing Science Channel about solar energy and use and it helped me to know more about the future of the industry. For the sake of better management skills, I took a course of Enneagram with 60 professionals and it allowed me to understand what kind of person I am and what kind of persons the others are. I was found to be type 3: achiever who is enthusiastic in achieving what I want.

For leisure, I play the piano and write articles for Chinese magazines but most of the time I plan for what I want to achieve next in the short term and achieve it. I am curious in and find it interesting how businessmen used the theories on the books flexibly in the real world. So, I have been reading some MBA suggested books in my leisure time.

University is a path to realize my interest and profession. I have been chasing my aims with all strength. To achieve my long-term aims, obtaining a degree is one of the most crucial short-term aims in the coming future. Give me a chance to complete this. I promise I definitely will not let you down.

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This personal statement was written by Domani for application in 2008.

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Here is a special personal statement.My principle was "put yourself on the others' shoes". A personal statement not only introduce you to the people who will read but also attracting and holding the attention. I am an international student and very good at writing, so I just wrote it in my first language then translated it. Thank you for read it! Good luck for you and get your offers!!! Domani


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u from China?!

i'm an international student from china as well...and is doing my a-level in oxfordshire.
plz can i ask u some questions???
my email:
i check it everyday so plz email me. thank u so much!!!

Fantastic PS , Well done!

Fantastic PS , Well done!

I am going through the same path like you, also come from China !

Would you like to exchange email sometimes? ( )

Chat soon !


im chinese as well and your personal statement is an absolute inspiration. great job! can i have your e-mail i was wondering if you could give me a couple of pointers?


hi, this personal statement is fantastic...u got place now?? anyway i wish u all the best and hope u will be allright!!!!!i might mail u to see wht u doing cuz i might get sme infor frm that oky???

i dont know how that person

i dont know how that person says its not good.bit of a boffin if u ask me!

cool man that was a great

cool man that was a great personal statement it really did build my confidence. well gud luk n i hope u meet ur objectives.

Love your honesty and

Love your honesty and directness. Good job.

poor grammer

not all of it but most of it

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