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I have always been interested in businesses and how they operate, as well as being fascinated by other languages and cultural differences

My passion for the subject increased when I chose business studies as part of my main education at school. In addition to the general subjects such as mathematics, literature, history it also included marketing, accounting and economics. Although these subjects are somewhat demanding, I find them extremely interesting. After secondary school I decided to continue my education at Kazakh National University founded by Al Farabi, it is one of the best and oldest universities in Central Asia, in the faculty of the International Economic Relations. I believe that the degree I have obtained, is the best choice for me. I will be looking forward to learning about the international business world and I am relishing the thought of learning to integrate with people from different countries and cultures. The idea of learning to communicate with other people across the world is something that has always appealed greatly to me

My speciality that I have got after graduating from the Kazakh National State University is in the International Economic Relations

I have studied financial management, macro- micro- economics, accounting, international currency-credit relations and other subjects. More profoundly I have studied international economic relations, international organisations, their function around the world and my diploma work "The analysis of economic aspects of Kazakhstan oil transportation abroad" was written on the basis of the research of the economics relations between Caspian countries: Russia, Azerbaizhan, Iran, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan

Not all my work experience has been as a paid employee. Furthermore I began to take part time jobs when I was at the University; I worked for different financial institutions one of them was National Bank of Kazakhstan in the Credit Department as an Assistant of the Head Manager and in the Currency Department. My work in this Bank taught me to be self-organised, how to make analyses of credit rating and commentaries, function of the currency policy, which is one of the essential part of any bank's activities, and how to work out complex approaches in settlement of different issues and tasks. After this time I have changed my field of work and continued it in the Close Stock Company "KazTransOil" as an Accountant, which is analysing and developing the plan of transportation oil into different countries

Having important previous experience I have applied my knowledge and skills at the position of an Assistant of Head Accountant in the Financial Department. The main goals of the Department - to provide necessary structure of transportation for joining the main oil field with the processing factories and export it abroad. My responsibility included calculating the budget of the Company, making up balance sheet, and analysing a project plan. However I realised that to work as a professional specialist in a business area for the broader and deeper understanding finance, accounting and international environment are needed

For me as a young specialist it is very important to try an opportunity to continue my education in the University that has proved itself as one of the best among the other recognised universities focusing on business studies, promoting and facilitating research in such significant period when integration is outgrowing to globalisation and countries becoming more dependent on each other. I think that my interest in accounting and finance, educational background and professional experience will open new perspectives for me if I will study at this University. Now I feel that I have potential for realisation myself in the area of finance and my constant interest to this science, to study more deeply this subject, ability to distinguish main economic trends will assist me to transmit my knowledge to other specialists.

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Good job hommie!

Good job hommie!


spectacular work

Phew, I was terrified until I

Phew, I was terrified until I realised he is in his 20s and already done a degree.

quite appauling.

quite appauling.


faakin bollox


great man

sniff sniff... whats that

sniff sniff... whats that smell??

i likeeeeee very good

i likeeeeee very good

mannn am i the only one or

mannn am i the only one or when you read that im like k wtf -_-

I can recognize Kazakh people

I can recognize Kazakh people :) A lot of ambitions

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