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Numbers. An infinite set of possibilities, just like life. The entire world is just a series of statistics. Nothing More. Nothing Less
University was always a must for me, and after completing my GCSE’s and obtaining good grades I felt like university was the only way forward for me. I was very determined to do this, and I believe that that is the kind of person I am.
My inspiration behind maths comes from a very young age, the manipulations and calculations of maths always fascinated me and it always seemed to be my forte. This lead to my inspiration for accountancy, in my younger years I did a little work for my uncle, doing basic calculations and organising money for him. The idea that maths is involved with almost every aspect of a person’s daily life intensely intrigues me. This fascinated me deeply and proved to me that it was a possibility of a career I wanted to pursue. As for the Business side of things, when I began my A-Level’s I had the fantastic opportunity to study this phenomenal subject. From the moment I first laid eyes on what was involved I felt deep down that I knew I had found something very special. The link between this and my involvement with my uncle when I was younger was very apparent. Most of all I enjoyed it immensely. Even now after my course finished, I still research day-to-day business occurrences for personal interest such things as mergers and takeovers plus the stock exchange system interests me.
Recently, I had the honour of going to a local accountancy firm and doing some work experience there for a few weeks. This was and still remains one of the most enlightening experiences I have ever had. I still remember the feeling of shock and awe that I got like it was yesterday. I was literally thrown into the deep end onto a computer with the Sage Accounting programme used by professional accountants. As if this wasn’t bad enough I was trusted on someone’s real account! My colleagues were extremely friendly and helpful and understanding and I seemed to take information and advice in about accountancy very quickly. I was told I handled it well, picked up on the idea of accounting at record pace and they would be happy to let me come back again for more.
In my own life, I love playing rugby; I find it to be a fantastic thing for stress relief. At present, I play for my local town reserves team (Bideford Harlequins XV), and I would be interested in joining a local team to carry on playing, this helps me to work in teams and it would help me to fit into the community at university. I also participate in coaching one of the junior teams; this helps me to develop responsibility whilst improving other aspects such as doing presentations and talking to a group. I am also officially qualified to coach which means that I must be good at coaching.
I currently have an evening part-time job at Tesco PLC doing evening replenishment, I work a few nights a week for a little extra money. This was the first major job that I had and I believe that it has given me an extra reserve of knowledge about the inner workings of a multi-national corporation which I think will help me on this course.
After my undergraduate course, I feel strongly inclined to continue my university studies by doing a postgraduate master’s degree in Accounting and Finance. However this is very early to decide this and I will remain very open to any other options available to me.

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This personal statement was written by the1mayfield for application in 2013.

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This is only a first draft and i will be expanding on certain areas. looking for constructive criticism and ideas for improvement


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