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" inner indecisiveness that was as wide and unwavering as the ocean."- Lana Del Rey
If I were to choose a quote that would best describe who I was one and a half years ago, that would be it. At the age of 16, having to choose which major, university, city and country to go to is a major deal-breaker. My mind and heart waver over several options; one day I wanted to study interior design in Italy, the next I wanted to study psychology in the US. I was not scared to confront this indecisiveness. I did an interior design project for my IB personal project, utilized summer breaks to do paid internships in companies with different backgrounds such as retail and banking and an internship in a national news channel called Berita Satu. I am a leader of marketing for our school's online newspaper, and I have been part of the editorial team for three years, in which I brainstormed article ideas, searched for freelance writers and wrote articles. I tried to be involved as much as possible in school as I wanted to learn more about my passion and talents.

It was not until the beginning of 11th grade. My peers who took Geography approached me and talked about an idea they had of creating a not-for-profit organization that aims to increase scholastic participation. I realized that it was an excellent opportunity for me to give back to the community and to further challenge myself. I was given a chance to apply my business knowledge that I had gained from taking the Business Management class into the real world. I conducted market research, created promotional campaigns, obtained sponsors, learned how to manage a company's social media presence, and also managed an organization's sustainability. Leading and sustaining a not-for-profit organization was undoubtedly challenging, but from there, I realized that business drives the most curiosity out of me. The challenges that kept occurring pushed and challenged me to brainstorm and solve it. And that is why I love business. I enjoy using my mind creatively to pursue solutions and continuously improve, and my determined and passionate personality help push me to succeed further. My tendency to listen to other people, flexibility, and adaptability also aids me in being good with meeting new people and making new connections, which I believe is crucial in the world of business.

I have gained work experiences through paid internships in two companies. My first internship was in Indonesia's largest lifestyle retail company, ** Tbk. I was part of the marketing team in the fashion division and planned event ideas, manage social media pages for brands such as Zara and Topshop, and calculate budgets for advertising. It was a significant learning experience as it was my first time being a part of a large business, and it made me evaluate myself and better understand my strengths and skills, such as the ability to easily communicate with other colleagues and being able to do given tasks quickly. My latest working experience at *** gave me a taste of working in a bank, and the daily tasks that were reflective of the finance department. Operating within two different, but equally successful organizations have enabled me to see different companies with different backgrounds, leadership styles, and corporate cultures.

Because of all the realizations and experiences, I have decided to study business at a higher level of education, with either a concentration in management or finance. If were to pursue an accounting or finance degree, I would like to take a Chartered Financial Analyst qualification and I would work strenuously for it, and would only be one of the few CFAs in my country. Being able to study in the UK, a country with high economic and social value, would be a great privilege. To be in a vibrant and diverse country such as the UK will open my doors to new friends, experiences, and realizations.

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