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I currently attend Peter Symonds Sixth Form College. During my first year, I gained 5 grade A AS levels in geography, computing, business studies, maths and biology. I choose these as they are subjects that I both perform well in and which also interest me. I enjoy the fieldwork aspect of geography and learning about the natural environment and current issues. Similarly, I enjoy computing - this being one of my main hobbies. Business studies was an obvious choice, because I would ultimately like to start my own business and I enjoy the challenge of solving mathematical problems. The discrete maths unit contains work on algorithms which are particularly relevant to my computing studies

I am interested in environmental science and also the practical work that biology offers. Although not continuing biology as an A2, I am following a new AS in environmental science which I am completing through a college online course in my spare time. My first year at college has taught me the importance of both working independently and having good organizational skills

One of my main interests is working on my home computer and I have developed a number of commercial websites. I have been featured on Meridian TV and have earned a substantial income from advertising on my websites. I have worked as a volunteer at Botley Manor Farm and Country Park for a number of years. This is a working farm set in the Victorian era where my fortnightly routine involves carrying out odd jobs and tending the animals. I have learnt to work with others and interact with members of the public. I also enjoy foreign travel and have travelled extensively with my family, including visits to Kenya, Australia, and both the west and east coast of America

As part of my work experience, I worked for a fortnight at the Southampton Met Office, where my duties included reading meteorological instruments and plotting data on maps. I also worked at a local computer company based in Winchester as an additional placement during the summer holidays. Both experiences were enjoyable and gave me an insight into the world of work. I carried out a local paper-round for 3 years but I now concentrate on running my own business based on the internet. I have also started designing websites which enables me to work with others, listen to their needs and incorporate these into the sites. My current project is a website for a local teenage drop-in centre and I am assisting the geography department at college in developing their intranet

During my time at Swanmore Secondary School I held several positions of responsibility including a prefect and form captain. I participated in many of the school productions both as an actor and as a member of the front of house team. I was also a member of an out of school drama club. The subjects I studied offered me the chance to go on a number of trips including geography fieldwork trips and language trips to both Germany and France. Skills I acquired during this time include working in a team, independence, negotiation and delegation

My future aim, after university, is to start up my own successful business and pursue a computing related career with possible geographical / environmental links. I wish to apply for a joint university course in computing/business studies or internet studies as, although I have a wide range of interests, I feel these courses would best meet the needs of a future career.

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your personal statement is excellent but it's not unique. put yourself in the place of the admissions officer who probably has to read a legion of statements. you'd get bored. you'd want something out of the ordinary. i think thats what you gotta do with yours. a uni would be mad not to accept you with your achievements, but make it more interesting.

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