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My sister’s dream has inspired me to pursue Bachelor in Business Administration specialization on Finance way back in October 2016 from KIST College affiliated to Tribhuvan University.

Thereafter, I worked for Real Solutions Pvt Ltd as Outsourcing Executive for the past one and half year. I have worked closely and had been guided by the accounting department with the management of the payroll and disbursement of the stipend.

Apart from my academic knowledge, I got the chance to enhance my career through a profession. I started my career as a contractual employee of Real Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (RSPL) through a project aided by United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS), “Data Collection for Housing Reconstruction Program” due to the devasting earthquake on April 2015.

I was entitled as Recruitment Assistant till the onboarding process of the enumerator, and as Cluster officer to assist the project coordinator, regular coordination with the enumerator and handling field issues, preparing the payroll of filed staff and disseminating the information of stipend disbursement and collection of logistics.

Thereupon, seeing my effort and passion for work, the company hired me as a permanent employee in Outsourcing Department. The company appreciated me with a “Token Of Love” for successful completion of the project. Similarly, I was awarded the “Certificate Of Appreciation “ in recognition to contribution for the team success.

Furthermore, I have organised a program “Art of Sales” under the provision of Leadership Development Program- LDP in the office premises. In addition, I was an active participant in different LDP events organized in the company and have received several certificates on behalf of it.

Continuous learning, relearning process and self-improvement is what lead me to pursue higher studies, I have done routine accounting work for past one year since I have graduated and the nature of the work that I have done is off tangent and adds little value to my aim of becoming an accountant.

My bachelor’s degree and the experiences I have accumulated in the work is not adequate for me to call myself an auditor. I have much more to learn for the different dimensions of business, thus I want to pursue the degree of Master of Business Accounting from the Victoria University of Sydney for I believe this degree can help me achieve my goal.

As I forethought my alternatives for post-graduate studies, the Master in Business Accounting at Victoria University has emerged for various aspects.

The interdisciplinary of the program is particularly appealing to me, as this will provide me with an extensive, precise comprehension of all major concepts of Business Accounting, including the economics, finance and taxation concepts.

With the innately worldwide essence of today’s accounting in every firm. The course of study will surely substantiate me with the right acquaintance, expertise, and practice regarding the current the techniques and developments in the world of account, accounting applications, financial markets and acquiring the necessary hands-on experience in the field of accounting analysis to consummate my professionalism.

In addition, working out with the highly experienced and skilled faculties along with the prominent facilities being provided by the universities will surely back me in my academic pursual.VU has updated course including board study area as well as independent and sustained research enables the students to pursue not just world-class, high tech education but also get to share cultural diversity, be a part of global unity with colleagues coming from more than eighty countries.

Master’s Degree in Business Accounting from your University will give me with the theoretical Knowledge and understanding as well as an in-depth idea involved in practical approaches in doing research skills.

At the same time, I believe that I will thrive in an academic environment designed to expand perspectives and encouraging cultural exploration, and I look forward to the opportunity to learn about different ideas and viewpoint.

Australia has always been my first priority to study. One of the prior reasons for choosing Australia for my further studies over other countries is that it is the best-suited destination for the international students like me in the context of tuition fees, climate, and overall expenses during their stay and for the students who want to gain work experience in their field of interest.

Furthermore, Australia has more to offer to international students in the terms education opportunities along with the scholarships and the industry-relevant courses for acquiring the experience.

Based on my research over the internet and recommendation from friends and families and experts I have to come to realize that Australia is one of the safe’s destinations for international students.

Besides the academic knowledge, Australia also provides two years of post-work study time for the students to get further industrial exposure, experience letter, reference to their related field after the completion of the study. The education system of Australia is based on the ESOS framework which protects the rights of the international students.

The institution of Australia offers a wide variety of courses and degree. Thus, I have been able to easily find the colleges and the right field for me.

Australia is at the forefront of new technology and innovations I would be able to take advantage of the country’s impression, technology and research resources increasing my expertise and be able to apply in Nepalese context once I return Back.

I hope to eventually become an accounting expert, an opportunity that would be extremely difficult to obtain in my home country due to absence of proper educational system . I believe that with my Australian education, I will be a better candidate for auditing the accounts of the company.

This educational opportunity will not only prepare me with cutting-edge knowledge and training but will also equip me with an open mindset that can adjust to a variety of situation.

My goal is to eventually to run my own auditing firm at my home country, to make the enterprises worth to the international standard.

I believe that my accounting studies will help me to further my knowledge of various sectors essential for developing the management strategy for companies to know the deficient controls, non-compliance with laws, fraud and duplicated effort. After completing the course I am confident that I will easily get a suitable job in leading organization in Nepal.

The international degree that I get outshines my abilities to job application for account keeping as an auditor.

The number of Business and Enterprises are increasing in my country and none of these could take over without account keeping. I foresee the demand of auditor in company to ensure the validity and legality of their financial records. Hence, as an Auditor I can act as an advisory to recommend possible risk aversion measures and cost savings that could be made to ensure companies profit.

Additionally, all sectors from a government organization to personal business where the monetary action takes place requires auditing and professional account keeping where I can contribute towards upliftment of the company’s financial position. I would prefer to continue my goal in home country to bring certain changes in the company’s financial position and provide them the strategies as in international markets.

Lastly, my only goal is to be successful and dynamic professional in near future which can make me stand out amongst all.

After completion of my master in Australia I intend to return back Nepal with outstanding skillset and joint the audit firm.

I can introduce myself as hard-working, a person with leadership and managerial skill and have the ability to adjust in any environment. I have immense interest in the field of accounting and seek to study at your globally reupdated and recognised institution.

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