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Management has always been my ultimate goal and a desire to master new concepts and techniques has influenced my choice to involve maths, computing and business as my A-Levels. A combined degree in both Maths and Management would provide me the skills and knowledge to fulfil my long-term ambition of managing a business in the computer related sector.

After growing up in a local convenience store, my interest and involvement with business has been high and by studying business at both GCSE and A-Level this hands on experience has been reinforced by learning new concepts and theories

During my summer break between school and college I travelled to Birmingham and did some voluntary work in a small but growing computer course company that used ILA (Individual Learning Accounts) as its main source of income. Although I was only there for three weeks it was of great use because it gave me an insight into the operations of a growing partnership. This helped me with my business studies course and computing course because it was my job to input data and I was involved in some of the development of the company's database. Working in the same office as the manager I observed the way decisions were made and risks were taken in a business thus reinforcing my interest in business management and business studies as a whole

On commencing my AS course in Mathematics, it was extremely challenging, and demoralising when certain theories and methods weren't grasped quickly, however, after hard work and dedication my knowledge and skills in mathematics have improved profoundly. I now find mathematics a very rewarding subject and look forward to studying it at an even higher level

In my spare time I enjoy socialising and participating in sports activities. After leaving junior school I played badminton once or twice a week at the local club for about four years. I also played tennis during the summer and football too. Being selected as captain for a football team at the local football club developed my team leadership skills and was very rewarding. Although I spent a great deal of my time socialising, however, education has remained my main focus

My committed nature has made me a very hard working and conscientious student. My main strength in business studies is my ability to make decisions and apply appropriate strategies to certain situations, including methods of raising finance, motivation strategies and promotional techniques all of which contribute to the qualities required to be an effective manager. An interest of mine within the AS course was the variation in managing methods from different parts of the world including America and Japan. I felt a great fascination for the production sub-module. Techniques such as kaizen and other laws using motivation on the production line were very intriguing. I am looking forward enthusiastically to studying Management Science with Mathematics

I very much look forward to the challenge and rewards of university life and am confident it will enable me to fulfil my ambitions and lead to a rewarding career.

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strong but long

Very good!

Very good and useful, well structured as well.

good i think it is quiet

good i think it is quiet realistic

wicked personal statement..

wicked personal statement.. realistic, and easy to read. wasnt pompus one thing is could have possibly been a lil longer but hey im barely managing to write anything at the moment haha. thanks tho it really ahelped me to structure what i have wrote :D

definitely classic and

definitely classic and encouraging!


Wow, great blog post.Thanks Again. Much obliged.

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