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Seven years ago, I decided I wanted to run a business. The idea of managing an organisation, with the vast breadth of competence that such a job requires, the sheer variety of activity that it entails and the stimulating challenge it poses, holds great appeal for me. From selecting GCSE courses to researching Higher Education opportunities, my career planning has always had a position in senior management as its objective

Seven months ago, I discovered a new love. From the first time I was introduced to a supply and demand diagram in a Business Studies lesson, my interest in economics has grown exponentially. In the Spring Term my college gave me permission to study for AS level Economics at home, since it was not available as a taught option. An introduction to the social sciences through GCSE Social Science and AS level Economics gave me a new perspective: it is fascinating to see the wide impact of a seemingly narrow topical issue. My French studies helped me to develop my cultural understanding, and I particularly enjoyed looking into the economic, political and social aspects of the European Union for my French oral work

I have a genuine interest in both economics and management, either of which I see as a valid route into a range of business-related careers

Consequently I seek to combine the two disciplines as effectively as possible; I believe that an understanding of basic economics is vitally important to any manager, and that training in the social sciences as a whole is of great assistance in finding solutions to managerial problems

My talents centre on the key skills of numeracy, communication and IT

Mathematics has traditionally been my strongest subject, and one I have greatly enjoyed throughout my education. As my studies progress, it helps me to develop an analytical approach to problem solving. I take great pride in my ability to use both the English and French languages effectively. I am a member of the Debating Club, an activity particularly suited to my skills and interests. Furthermore, I have over a decade of experience in using personal computers, in applications ranging from spreadsheets to visual programming, which I used in designing my school's website. AS Computing introduced me to real-world, business applications of IT solutions

As Managing Director and later as Finance Director of a Young Enterprise company in Year 10, I helped guide the company to a number of successes, culminating in winning the Somerset County competition

The experience, besides being enjoyable and informative, served to redouble my resolve and affirm my ambitions. It also helped me gain valuable leadership, teamworking and organisational skills. My appointment as Deputy Head Boy at my secondary school was in recognition of my maturity, responsibility and the commitment I am willing to make to an institution or community. Both activities enhanced my interpersonal skills, and demonstrated the importance of being able to motivate others

Outside of academic life, my hobbies centre on computers. Besides developing my skills, I make great use of the Internet; naturally, I play games, too... I enjoy reading, including but not limited to science fiction, and play golf when I have the time. I go ten-pin bowling with friends from time to time and also play Airsoft

I see Higher Education as opportunity and challenge, and I look forward to taking my interests to a new level.

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Meh, was ok but there seems

Meh, was ok but there seems to be a lack of full stops.


don't mention about computer games.

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