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Thinking back to the early stages of my GCSE years and all the way up to the end of my final year of college, studying business has always been full of enjoyment for me. During this time I have developed a better understanding in the subject and given the chance, I want to further enhance my knowledge and understanding of the subject in a degree program. With the professional qualifications, skills and knowledge I will attain from this degree, I believe I will be fully equipped for success within the business profession. Close observations over the past five years of how my family members have developed and run their own successful businesses has further inspired and encouraged me to follow this path.

I am mostly intrigued by the management side of business as I am confident that I have the ability to learn how to manage. The experience that I have gained over the summer, by working in the family business has enabled me to develop my time keeping and organisational skills.

In my second year of college I participated in an exercise called 'Airport Challenge' which involved working in a team and building an airport under a certain budget in a limited amount of time. As a team, we assigned each other roles to optimise our chances of working to the best of our ability. My role of team leader ensured that there were no mistakes and we worked efficiently, we were successful in completing the task and we won first place out of ten competing teams. My overall experience has taught me the value of earning your own money and the effort and commitment it requires.

I am currently studying A-level law from which I have gained an insight into civil and criminal cases which have been an intriguing and educational experience for me. I have become more confident in arguing for or against cases. Studying law has helped me develop skills of case analysis, researching, planning and writing complex essays. I believe all these skills will enable me to be more aware and prepared for any tasks and challenges that I may further encounter in life. I understand that there is a legal structure to every business, and that the day to day running of any business would not be functional without following the law.

As a Student Ambassador I have participated in Higher Education and Parents Evenings which involved providing activity information to students and parents. I have also been involved in planning and organising our college Dewali and Eid parties. These activities have helped me develop self-confidence as well as teaching me problem solving, customer communication and team work skills; which I am aware are equally important to manage a business successfully.

I have always had an interest in fashion and make-up, and I practice traditional Asian makeup regularly on friends and family. I have worked in the beauty section of Debenhams Department store as a Beauty Consultant and worked closely with the management team. Working there was an invaluable experience, I was trusted to open and close up the makeup stall, and also did regular stock taking and helped keep checks of the finances. I also enjoy playing basketball and running long distances, I believe that a healthy body creates a healthy mind. This has proved to be true in my case because my mind is always sharp and well focused. I play the position of Point Guard throughout basketball in my spare time with my friends. In this position my role is to take advantage of every scoring opportunity, which involves focus, awareness and communication skills with my team members, while having to react very quickly to changing circumstances of the game. I know that these are equally important professional skills which I shall have the chance to enhance while studying the degree.

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this is very natural.good stuff i think


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