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In today’s world of survival of the fittest, one has to be equipped with knowledge, experience, as well as ambition. It has been my goal to further my knowledge and ambition through studies at a leading UK university.

Coming from a background of a small family business, I have been inspired by my parents. I am keen to gain the essential skills to expand our business. Today’s business requires not just balancing the books; it is about the investment and the management of assets, people, opportunities and risk.

The traditional ways of dictatorship- the communist economy - is no longer appropriate in modern competitive environments. China, as one of the fastest growing economies in the world, is in great need of strong - focused and clear- thinking business leaders.

Many of the existing business practices are being forced to adapt to changes or face extinction. I see myself contributing to the growth of good business practice in a few year’s time and leading successful projects.

Since I came over to the UK for my Foundation Course. I have enjoyed learning in an international College and experiencing the vibrant city life of the UK. The experience has broadened my mind enormously.

In times when I needed a little reflection, I sought it in places such as the British Museum and St. James park. I am fascinated by Chinese painting and porcelains from the Ming dynasty. I am proud of my Chinese heritage and keen to learn about other ancient cultures.

I chose the UK for my further education because of the reputation of the university education system. Being the only English speaking- country in Europe, also holds its attraction. So far, my experiences have confirmed that I have made the right decision.

Apart from studying, I believe that university life would offer me the opportunity to interact with students and teachers from many different cultures and language backgrounds.

Each individual will enable me to learn something positive. I , in turn, will be able to make a positive contribution to the university and its life. I will also exchange my knowledge about China and our history with others. In the course that I have chosen, I look forward to taking in opportunity and experiences on offer, where I will be able to theory into practice and gain valuable fieldwork knowledge.

On my limited budget, I have travelled to various places in the UK, visiting historic sites around south east England. I hope in the next few years, I will have the chance to visit the rest of Europe and north Africa.

I believe that my ambition to learn new business concepts, combined with my desire to experience new adventures, would make me a lively and useful addition to your university.

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This personal statement was written by lilili682003 for application in 2002.

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(it is too academic, so be careful if u wanna use it!!!!


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What is your aim and goal?

What is your aim and goal? What have you learnt so far that can reinforce towards the target you have made? You have to let the reader knows that not only you are interested in the area but also how you have combine your knowledge towards this area.

good piece of work.

good piece of work.
jus that R O Ireland is also an English Speaking european state.

it'z good...................

it'z good...................

very good..

interesting points and well written

where is ur goal and interest

where is ur goal and specific with ur personal statement

you've thrown in a few

you've thrown in a few comments that do suggest you have done some reading but also that the reading you've done was only so you find something to throw in here as the ideas presented are very detached. also there's a rule to personal statements, that is never show any political views, which you did.

ALSO you spelt contradict

ALSO you spelt contradict wrong

it was amazing

it was amazing

you're chinese.

you're chinese.



i don't think you wrote

i don't think you wrote enough about yourself as such. but it's good.

not sure you would get the

not sure you would get the offer if the person reading is a communist, furthermore that remark is thrown out on the table like if it were a indisputed fact, if i were at admission i would NOT accept you. and by the way china is a communist state so you clearly chose the wrong example...

Very well done :)

Very well done :)

Too clever for himself

Tried incredibly hard to be clever and has ended up seeming clumsy and quite the opposite to his clear intentions of seeming academic.

I wouldn't recommend this as an example.

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