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I am a clear headed, ambitious individual who has taken the time to think about my future and my goals. I have undertook and completed my first degree in two years as opposed to the normal three or four year programmes. Doing a two year course instead of a three year course has required me to continually focus, and focus more and more as the course has developed.

Doing an accelerated degree has given me the advantage of continuing on to a further education, as if I had undertaken a conventional three or four year degree, I may not have considered continuing on to a masters course as seriously I have done now

I did my degree as I am the only member of my family to go to university and complete a degree, which motivated me to work harder and made me proud. I chose Business Management as a general degree, which gave me the opportunity to learn and test all aspects of Management and Business so I knew what I wanted to specialise in

Information Systems was one of my modules which I thoroughly enjoyed and found very interesting and I saw it as a subject which I want to learn more about and to a much higher level. One of the reasons that I want to move to a further degree is that I have enjoyed the whole learning aspect of my current degree, it has helped me see that learning is a never ending activity.

Wherever I may be, in an institute of education or in my workplace, I will be continually learning. My degree has opened me up to so many aspects of learning, not just being taught, but carrying out research myself has given me a sense of responsibility as I have been teaching myself and learning

Since beginning university I have been exposed to, and pleasantly surprised by the amount of different cultures there are. This has broadened my academic scope and given me new ways of thinking and dealing with situations as I can see things from other perspectives that were not present in my life before university. I have met people from all over the world and they have had a positive impact on me

I knew I wanted to learn more about the world of business before beginning my business management degree. As today's graduate job market is more and more competitive, gaining a postgraduate degree will further enhance my chances of employability in the future

In my life I have given myself certain goals, some relating to my personal life and some to my life in the business world, which I will do my best to complete. One such goal is to manage people effectively and efficiently. I believe that in any line of work, the key to a business is how well that business is managed from a personal development perspective. Employees of any company must be given pertinent direction, sound training, and proper feedback from their managers to be more productive in their defined job roles and responsibilities.

In order to provide employees with this development, a further academic education is very important in order to understand the needs of employees. I feel that a masters course will help me attain this knowledge and provide me with the essentials of being a successful manager on the various engagements I encounter throughout my career. The business world is an environment which is full of opportunities in a vast array of sectors in which one can specialize and has global implications that are constantly changing, and therefore may leave a business leader feeling lost without a formulated plan of action

Academically I believe that I have a solid foundation from a young age, which I can build upon with this masters programme. Since a young age I have attended private school and sixth form college, and I am presently studying at a recognised management school. In my time at school and sixth form college, I achieved eleven GCSE's and passed three A level subjects to a very high standard.

Also during my last year of school and during sixth form college I was entered into the UK Intermediate Maths Championships and I won a silver award each year, which placed me in the top one third of mathematicians in the country who entered the championship.

During my A level Spanish Course, as group leader, I organised a trip for my class to the University of Salamanca to attend a course in Spanish. I had to organise flights, accommodation and travel around the city and I arranged meetings with all the students to brief them. With this and other group activities I have always assumed the role of team leader as I have always had the respect and trust of my peers, and I have very much enjoyed being in a position of responsibility.

As well as my academic achievements, I took part in many activities which helped me shape my idea of what I want to achieve in the future and my goals, not just in my personal life but in the workplace also

One of the biggest aspects of my life has been my involvement in cricket. For the seven years I was there, I represented my school on the cricket field as one of the senior members of the team. I was often handed the responsibility of captain or vice-captain in the team and was an established opening batsmen, so I was never short of any pressure on my shoulders. Despite being difficult tasks these were the aspects which I enjoyed most and I always perform best when under pressure.

Away from school, I played cricket for local club. Here I progressed through the age groups very quickly, I was playing for the adult teams when I was supposed to be with the youth teams. This was a point where I had to grow up and mature very quickly as I was playing with serious cricketers at a high level.

It was with my local club where I trained with and played against professionals, some of whom perform at an international level. I still train with my local club and assist in the coaching of the youth squads. Another one of my hobbies aside from cricket is reading.

I recently finished a book called Digital Fortress written by Dan Brown who is a very accomplished writer and is the author of the world famous Da Vinci Code which is my current read. I found Digital Fortress very interesting as it was about security issues with the information systems within the NSA in the USA

I believe I have the intellectual ability to complete a Masters Degree and I have illustrated my drive, ambition and dedication to do this is many ways. I am capable of working as part of a team as I have developed the initiative and ability to follow instructions and have the capacity of working with others.

I have good group leadership skills which I want to turn into excellent and distinctive leadership skills through a Masters programme. I am the only member of my family to continue to such a high level of education, and one of the very few of my local community, these factors contribute largely to my motivation and commitment to undertaking and completing a Masters Degree.

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