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There is no doubt that Mathematics is the most important element supporting science and business. Without the equation 'E=mc2', Einstein's 'Mass-energy equivalence' can only be a concept, but not a theory.

Mathematics fascinates and challenges me, there are always new ideas influencing my life during and after each stage of learning. Although there is usually just a single answer for each question, it can be solved by a hundred methods. Dealing with difficult questions is the most enjoyable and challenging element of Maths.

Because of my passion for Maths, I will not give up until I have found a solution! Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm; with a strong sense of achievement, I worked very intensively in Maths at high school level and I have every intention of continuing my learning with a high level of commitment at your university.

To further my knowledge in Maths beyond the classroom, I joined 'Australian Mathematics Competition' three years ago and it did not just give me new challenges, but also gave me a big push to discover different areas of Maths.

Technology is a vital and integral part of society so I chose ICT as one of my A level subjects. Studying ICT has been challenging, but I have found it very helpful in developing my writing and computing skills. After reflection during the summer vacation and a determination to succeed, I strongly believe I can achieve a good grade this year.

'A boy in a concrete jungle' is what I always call myself. I was born in Hong Kong and I was educated in Hong Kong. As you know, Hong Kong is an international business centre.

Good managers and the well organised structure of companies there impressed me with their ability to compete and grow amidst huge international competition.

There are seven million people living in Hong Kong; having systems and solutions that work efficiently is essential. Knowing and understanding spending patterns, hobbies and behavior can increase profits for companies by using management and statistic skills effectively.

I have a genuine passion for Music. Since reaching ABRSM Grade 8 violin, I played 1st violin at my school orchestra in Hong Kong and I am currently playing 2nd violin in Nottingham Youth Orchestra.

My good time management and organisation skills allow me to practise violin regularly, both independently and at rehearsals. I love sport and I regularly attend the gym. I played in my school's football team for 3 years.

Teamwork is the only way to achieve success in football; just like the division of labour I learnt when I was working as a waiter in a restaurant during my last summer vacation. While at secondary school, I completed voluntary work in my local community, organising events and helping the elderly.

I was one of the active volunteers in a local teenager centre close to where I lived in Hong Kong. I have also passed an examination in St. John Ambulance first-aid certificate course in August this year.

"Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do." - Apple Inc. I have a keen and searching personality and relish trying new things. Currently I am doing stage management and will embark on learning sign language soon.

It is very interesting to manage backstage, and I am sure sign language will be great fun because it is a totally new experience for me.

Despite English not being my first language, during two years of college life in Britain I have made many friends and developed good relationships with my tutors. I am looking forwards to making new friends with different nationalities in university.

Just imagining but standing still will never lead to success. I am dedicated to continuing my education in the UK because studying here has greatly expanded my horizons. Therefore, I am committed to meeting any challenges and putting my energy and enthusiasm into my academic work. I am very much looking forward to turning to a new page of my life in your university.

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This personal statement was written by rextang1993 for application in 2013.

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The University of Nottingham
University of Leeds
University of Newcastle Upon Tyne
Lancaster University

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Hi guys, I am an international student from Hong Kong. Writing a personal statement is so difficult to me, especially I do double maths and English is not my first language. Anyway, please tell me your thoughts about my personal statement. And for those students form Hong Kong, you are welcome to email me your questions:


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