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I would like to study Business Management at university, as I am interested in current affairs and am curious about the real world

Business management will teach and help me how to manage people; how to make and carry out decisions; and how to assess markets. It is a broad subject, which will develop my ability to think logically and creatively

The subjects I am studying at A-level will be relevant to Business Management as Economics is mainly a written subject where accurate use of English is essential. Memorizing economic concepts are crucial in understanding the environment in which businesses operate; it also helps to improve your memory. Learning different market structures such as monopoly and perfect competition is important and in Business Management my knowledge will be further broadened. Economics is a strong A-level subject- most professional careers demand a course in economics as part of training. To run a business we must be aware of the economy

I enjoy studying law as it has widened my scope on problems in our society. It has taught me how the law is made, enforced and how it affects us. I have developed skills of research, analytical and problem solving skills, I also have the ability to select relevant legal authority and evidence, for example, relevant cases and statutes. Law is crucial for businesses as it guides you on what you can and cannot do. E.U Law is crucial as in 1989, a 'Charter of Fundamental Social Rights for Workers' was adopted by 11 of the then 12 Member States of the European Union. Many initiatives on improving the working conditions of E.U citizens were out forward. Employment rights such as health and safety protection; protection of pregnant women; the right to annual paid holidays and improved social and professional integration for the disabled are essential if a business is to succeed

From sociology, I have learnt the theories and views of well-known sociologists such as Karl Marx and many others. I carried out a research report on a piece of sociological research and have written a challenging essay of two thousand words. Sociology has helped me to develop skills of research, analysing evidence and theory, dealing with competing arguments in written and oral reports. Sociology is relevant to many areas of management such as Personnel Management, which deals with issues of unfair dismissal that could be due to gender or race, for example

I am interested in reading, films and music. I have been to the theatre and I enjoyed the experience. I like to keep in touch with what news is making the headlines and therefore try to read newspapers when I can

I like to show creativity by cooking and designing decorative henna patterns for use on the hands

I hope to gain knowledge of Business Management and for studying at university to provide me with a starting point in my career.

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