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My Grandfather ran a successful shipping company and my parents; uncles and aunts all have their own businesses or work in the field of commerce. You could say it is in my blood and I have certainly absorbed the interest and fascination of how business and commerce works. I have always been keen on pursuing ideas of making money and I have put on many small music events at my local sports club to help me do this. I believe this was an extremely useful and a hugely insightful experience into the world of business and from then on I knew I wanted to take my interest further.

Does the environment make the man or the man make the environment? I believe that the environment indeed makes the man, but the man draws upon his experience from this and uses this in new environments. It's important that you embrace new experiences and learn from them to help and guide you in the future. This is one of the reasons why I have chosen to take a gap year, to gain vital experience and find my own feet before moving on to my next challenge. I have chosen to work for most of the year at the Royal Bank of Scotland, which is giving me invaluable experience into the world of banking and finance before gaining a great opportunity to discover more of an insight into the world by travelling around Europe next summer.

16 months ago I was diagnosed with Crones Disease and was critically ill. Since then my main focus has been on recovery, coming to terms with the condition and working towards my future. I discharged myself early from hospital in order to complete my last year of 6th form studies and be able to take my A levels. This year I am re sitting some modules to improve my grades also to continue to improve my health and fitness and to travel. I believe that it is helping me to gain invaluable experience of the world and help to give me improved self-confidence and a greater sense of independence that I feel will help me when starting university. Working has instilled a great amount of confidence, focus and maturity in me and taught me how to think independently, communicate effectively and work well with others as part of a team.

I have a great love for music and I am an enthusiastic DJ and have played at many parties and music events over the past four years. I also like to read the Financial Times and keeping up with business news and current affairs. I am a committed member of my Sunday league football team and also my 5-as-side team in which I often organise games as my peers see me as reliable individual. I also enjoy keeping fit and I am a member of my local gym, which I attend at least three times every week. I have also completed the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award in which I endured a two-day walk. This I found to be extremely challenging but it taught me that when confronted with a challenge I have a determination to see it through to the end and I believe that this is something that has always been within me and something that I believe will be with me when throughout my university experience.

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this personal statement is

this personal statement is great. ive used some ideas.thanks.

Very good PS.

Very good PS.

I like the whole, striving to do A-levels even in your most disadvantaged time.

Good luck you and I hope everything is alright.

Have fun traveling around Europe.


not baddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

i like turtles

i like turtles

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