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Lack of management can lead to disastrous outcomes, and my home country, Russia, has suffered from these in dramatic proportions for decades. Its business inefficiency has led to people being devastated by unemployment and poverty, including my own family. A shortage of competent managers has also been one of the reasons for the magnitude of the recession during the credit crunch. Constant bribery and dishonesty at all levels has resulted in Russia losing trust and becoming almost impossible to negotiate with. Rampant corruption and misuse of state funds has led to, at best, economic stagnation, or, in the worst case, significant economic decline. In my opinion, things have to change, and I want to contribute to that change.

My initiation into management consisted of tracing its development over time through Drucker's "Management - tasks, responsibilities, practices". To gain an even better insight, I obtained a work placement as a secretary to the chief executive in a company called "Thermal Project Solutions", which drafts projects for the oil and gas market. It was a perfect opportunity for me to look closely at theoretical techniques being applied to real decision-making. It was particularly challenging to make sure everything operates smoothly, because the company sold such a complex product and dealt with many overseas companies as well as freelance workers. My conclusion was that even the seemingly small decisions of executives are crucial, necessitating a prompt and relevant response. Sometimes because of the time difference it was necessary to work at night, or early in the morning. This experience taught me that one has to work long hours in order to achieve success. Furthermore, the efficiency of the company led me to the judgment that full-scale renovation of the Russian economy according to Western standards is possible if corruption can be eliminated on a micro level. The placement also helped me to understand how important it is for me to work with people, to see the results of my efforts, and feel that my work does make a difference.

To deepen my knowledge of the subject I also read "Managerial dilemmas: exploiting paradox for strategic leadership" by John Storey and Graeme Salaman, and "The Fatal Equilibrium" by Marshall Jevons. Periodicals such as "The Economist" help me to keep up to date. I have always tried to change things for the better, and therefore have tended to aim for leading positions. In my first school I was honored to become a prefect, as well as the head of the Student Council. During the first year of college, I was elected vice president of the Eastern European Society, and this year I was re-elected as a president. These experiences
only strengthened my confidence that I have what it takes to become a manager. I try to be serious in everything I do, and my extracurricular activities are no exception.

One of my favorite hobbies is photography, and in my AS year I won the best A level student of the year award, and became part of the executive board of the Photography Club. Photography has taught me to look at the world from a different angle and to pay attention to the smallest details. Besides that, I enjoy music; I attended a specialist musical school in Russia for 8 years, and as I came to the UK I became a part of a jazz band, regularly performing in college concerts. I was also part of both the college choir and the chamber choir, which taught me persistence and determination. Another passion of mine is drama. I was an actress in a Youth Theatre troupe called "Plastilin" in Moscow, taking part in prize winning productions, as well as performing in orphanages and hospitals. Moreover, I was also involved in the Philosophy Club and the Economics Club, discussing in depth both philosophical and economic issues. I am confident that I will both learn from and contribute to a degree course in Management, and look forward to the challenges of university study.

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I spent very little time writing this statement, about two or three days, but in the end it turned out to be very successful. I hope sharing this will help you with your own applications, best of luck!


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Vera! mogu ya poslat Vam moe PS, chtob vi ocenili?:)

Otlichnoe PS!

Otlichnoe PS!
Ya podayu dokumenti v te je universiteti))
Mojna ya Vam svoyo PS toje skinu na ocenku? pleaseeee

hi your personal statement is

hi your personal statement is very good. im really impress. im an international student and im having difficulty in expressing myself. i really need your help. thanks =)

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