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Investments are about timing, opportunity and choices. The choices we make influence the goals we aspire to achieve. In the business world these three words have the ability to enhance profits or cause failure; they have fascinated and influenced my interest to study aspects of the business sector at higher level.

After competing in the IFS Student investor challenge which entails investing £100,000 virtual money on the stock market, it sparked an interest that to this day I have not lost in the captivating world of the stock market. The thrill of being able to study markets and how unpredictable they are is my goal for later life. Along with studies I am constantly trying to keep up to date with the various trends of different markets in order to formulate my own opinion of how they may change in the near future. My interests do not only lie in the stock market, they lie substantially in the business world itself; more specifically how problems are presented and overcome and the stages in which this is achieved. I thrive on being able to solve problems independently or within a group with minor guidance and wish to develop these skills throughout my studies in higher education. I am looking forward to tailoring my electives to further my career prospects. The course I have chosen will suit me well as I can combine my own opinions and knowledge with those given by a university lecturer to begin to achieve my main goal; becoming a successful investment banker.

I am always analysing the way businesses have priced their products or shares, what strategies they use to gain the largest profits and how a finance report can reflect on a business’s management style. This will benefit me greatly in higher education. I possess a business related mind, which has aided me in all aspects of my life often helping me with my day to day decisions.

In 2011-2012 I took part in Young Enterprise. I successfully applied for the post of Finance Director. I gained skills needed to be the sole finance director whilst assisting with the day to day running of the business. I allocated the various functional departments a budget, reviewed their spending each month and discuss financial risks with further opportunities. I thoroughly enjoyed taking part and believe it gives people my age practical application in the business world first hand over pure theory.

I am always keen to help others and relish the added bonus of improving myself. From the age of 5 I have been playing the piano, it’s a relaxing passion that lets me express my feelings through the songs I play. I am still committed and face my LCM grade 6 exam in April. Since the age of 11, I have participated in a local drama and singing club, performing in various shows in theatres. To this day I still relate my public speaking skills to my 7 years of performing to large audiences and mentors. In the beginning of 2011 I volunteered to work in a retirement home. It helped me improve my communication skills with people who are not able to communicate well themselves. In the business world this is a necessity as good communication is a crucial skill, without it messages may not be conveyed properly leading to potential disasters. For work experience I was an Usher in Milton Keynes County Court. I have joined’ Toastmasters’ a public speaking club and taking part in the Big MK Youth Debate over issues concerning people in Milton Keynes.

The finance side of the business sector is a world I would flourish in and going to university is the key to my future. Thousands of risks are taken every day, on the stock market and in companies themselves, sometimes they pay off, sometimes they don’t. If I was awarded this opportunity I can personally guarantee I am a risk worth taking.

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This personal statement was written by Liam791 for application in 2013.

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So many people i knew were mega panicking about two days before the deadline, i got mine in early (late october) and got an offer 2 days after submission, then another 1 week after! it really pays to get it in as soon and as early as possible, im not saying work on it through your summer holiday (believe me, i did NOT do that) just saying as soon as you get into the A2 year it should be the main priority for the first couple of months, then when its all done, you can focus on the bloody exams!


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