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Most of all, I feel European, and that probably why I have developed a strong interest in international relations and foreign matters, the European Union had and still has an important impact on my everyday life, (...)that why I wish to get involved in diplomacy or international trade, especially in Europe and North America.

I had the chance since I was a child to travel and live abroad through Europe and since I turned 15 I am living and traveling on my own, which as developed my adaptability and has encourage me to be resourceful,

The experience of managing my own finances and administrative work has taught me the importance of independence and initiative. I spent the equivalent of six months in Edinburgh where I have been working and moreover discovered the country, the Scottish university system and the international student population the city hosts.

I speak French,Italian and my English is fluent, I also have good notions in Romanian and I which to improve and learn more languages, especially German or a Scandinavian language.

I am an hardworking student and always had satisfying results in all subjects with a preference in English, History, Geography and Biology.

Furthermore The study of twentieth century world History especially the Cold War brought the desire to understand more about world politics and international relations.

While my working experience has lead me to acknowledge the business and enterprising and with the work experience arranged by the school I had the opportunity to spent one week in a advertisement company and understand the importance of communication in business.

Politic, Business and International relations have always interested me and I would like to study and work in a sector linked to those subjects.

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This personal statement was written by arobase for application in 2009.

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I've been working for 2 months now on my personal statement, and as I'm running out of time I was wondering if anyone could help me improving it, I feel like some important points are missing, and I am also wondering if it would be OK to add that I have dyslexia? My written English isn't that good as well ...


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I am submitting for the same course

Hello, I have just finished my own personal statement on IR and Business, so I know how much work it requires. These two subjects go quite well together, though, so hope you'll successfully finish your PS. Which Unis are you applying to?

I'm applying for napier Uni,

I'm applying for napier Uni, the universities of Edinburgh and Aberdeen, I do prefer politics and internation relations, but international trade must be really intresting as well, I almost finished my statement, I just have to find a kind of "openning" I was thinking about the european union and the fact that most of all I feel european and would like to play a part in it...

Yes, I think it would be a

Yes, I think it would be a good opening, 'cause the IR at Edinburgh concentrates on the EU issues. I'm applying for Aberdeen as well, so let's share the results:)! Good luck to you! (I sent my application on 27th).

And about the dyslexia - they

And about the dyslexia - they prefer you or your referee to mention it.


Looking forward to reading more. Great article.Thanks Again. Really Cool.

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