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I would like to study business/logistics and/or supply chain management as I am excited by the prospects involving imaginative thinking and the solving of complex business problems. My aim is to work with business managers, showing them the newest and most effective organisational and co-ordinating techniques as well as using up-to-date technologies to make a company successful. I hope in the future to take part in making the next UPS, McDonald's or British Airways.
Business logistics is certainly the most interesting section of the logistics science to me. It is not simply about figuring out the most ideal and the most economical route for vehicles but instead a more complex science. It can show a company how to optimise its sources of power and can offer business managers the most effective tools in order to suit business owners' increasing requirements.
During my current job and previous jobs I have come across such problems that caused unnecessary extra work, creating dissatisfied, angry and complaining customers day after day. Perhaps it is because their business systems have not been able to encourage isolated departments to work effectively together. This is why I am very interested in studying the most efficient business systems; business operation management and planning technique topics found within logistics.
My interest in business logistics and supply chain management began 7 years ago when I worked for Hungary's most successful McDonald's restaurant as a shift manager and I had the opportunity to observe how a world famous business was built and co-ordinated to achieve its ambitious goals.
In the last few years I have also read many books by T. Harv Eker, Bodo Schafer and John C. Maxwell as well as others that have contained useful and interesting information in connection with operating and co-ordinating a business. This has only steeled my resolve to study business/logistics and/or supply chain management.
Thanks to the above-mentioned experiences and despite the fact that my native language is Hungarian I still feel I am able to achieve my goal of becoming a useful member of a team that faces new challenges every day and helps businesses to achieve their goals within the shortest time and in the most effective way. I also want to build my career within either a consultancy and strategy firm or an ambitious enterprise that wants to lead the market one day.

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This personal statement was written by molnar for application in 2009.


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