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As I peered over the edge of the plane and looked down 14,000 feet to the ground ready to jump. As I took my first SCUBA dive and experienced the surreal and exciting feeling of breathing under water. As I trekked for 2 days and stayed with a Thai village tribe feeding elephants and helping local families I thought and smiled ' Dreams really can be achievable'. With hard work and belief you can achieve results. I have taken this concept and applied it to my University application and intend to apply it any difficult challenges that I find in life. Challenges are rewarding.

I believe I am, in my opinion, an ideal candidate for the Business Management and Marketing course. I have been in the working world since the age of 18 ( albeit with some exclusions for some very valuable and life changing travelling ). I have worked in a sales environment for a number of years and have learned how important it is to market a company 'brand' through emphasising company values and benefits together with confidence and friendliness engages customers to buy into 'said product'.

My previous roles, involve me, at the front line of a business, exceeding the ever increasing targets within the insurance field. Moving these targets is paramount for growing business', as is changing strategies. But, what happens behind the scenes? Who thought of these fantastic marketing strategies that land in my email?

' Free Breakdown Assistance' is our new venture. Free !? Everybody loves this word. Scroll down the email a little more, 'free until Jan 2011'. What a genius idea, more recently my employer launched a 'Cash-back Scheme'. Cash-back ensures customers must now ring to claim their discounts which will be received 90 days into the policy. If we assumed 1 out of 1000 customers forgot to ring, we would still be profiting as currently our discounts involve giving discount upfront immediately at the point of sale.

Cash-back maximises profit in many ways; generating more calls, increasing the opportunity to up-sell at each point of contact. Customers often forget who their provider is, cash-back reminds them. Of course, extensive research went into this scheme, there would have been lots of information on market trends, psychology and as I read the 'Cash-back Scheme' email that day, I thought I wish I was involved in that idea.

If accepted, I will be 25 when I enrol at The University of Brighton. As a mature student I feel the extra years I have on some of the other candidates will be a head start as I have some first hand experience on some of the subject areas. I plan to expand my experiences through the course and am excited to learn more. I am in the perfect place in my life to dedicate myself to a Business Management and Marketing degree, I have strong goals surrounding PR and Marketing.

I have previously lived in Brighton, working for Swinton Insurance Services. I have since taken the decision to relocate to the Hastings office to prepare for Sept 2011. I am able to save as I am currently at home, and I am now completely dedicated and extremely focused on returning to Brighton to study Business Management and Marketing in 2011.

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This personal statement was written by BusinessTrish for application in 2000.

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