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My highest career aspiration is to ring the opening bell at Wall Street as my firm celebrates the successful completion of its initial public offering. From a very young age, I was always amazed by the world of business and the movement of financial capital around the globe. During my A Levels I began to realise that the business environment is very dynamic and the ability to adapt is as critical to business leaders as businesses themselves. This is a quality that I plan to continue to develop in my university studies and in my career. In the corporate world, one not only needs academic knowledge but also an orientation towards hard work, flexibility and taking calculated risks in order to succeed.

By studying Business Studies and Economics at A Levels, I was able to get a better understanding of how external factors such as legal, environmental and social play a key role in influencing business decisions. Although I greatly enjoyed both the subjects, I particularly found the finance section in Business very interesting. It allowed me not only to use my mathematical skills but also taught me to use the data in order to assess business situations. Apart from academics, articles in the Economist, Time Magazine and Foreign Policy played a vital role in educating me about how issues such as the future of Britain in the European Union will have major implications on the performance of markets. I widely read outside out side my A Level syllabus. My favourite authors include John Adair, who taught me so much about the difference between being a boss and being a leader; Scilla Elworthy and Gabrielle Rifkind, whose extensive research on public policy and sociology helped me to fully understand the social impact of decisions which can have long term consequences.

The study of Accounting has also been a major influence on my chosen academic field. Whether it’s analysing a company’s profitability that helps to evaluate the effectiveness of business decisions or preparing financial statements that show how profit was earned and the total value of the business. Accounting has given me a better understanding of how financial information plays a vital role in an organization’s day to day activities and has instilled in me the importance of honesty, integrity and prudence when dealing with commercial transactions. I found that the three subjects are highly complementary to each other once they are studied in depth and applied to real life business scenarios.

While I was a U. S. Department of State sponsored exchange student, I was elected as a representative on the Student Council and the treasurer of the Model United Nations Club. I completed over a 100 hours of community service such as distributing food to the poor, helping to raise more than $50,000 to help kids fight cancer and peer tutoring my fellow classmates. I also conducted over 50 presentations about Bangladesh to teach my peers about my country’s culture and heritage. In addition to school activities, I attended the Better Understanding for a Better World Conference in Orlando, Florida and the Youth Tech Camp organized by Project Harmony in Burlington, Vermont. These experiences were helpful as they gave me an opportunity to travel around the United States and adapt to a whole new academic and cultural environment, something that is instrumental for success in the corporate world.

I chose the United Kingdom as my study destination because British universities are renowned for their all-round approach to academics that focus on team work, research and individual participation. Furthermore, a British education will let me live for a few years in one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. I look forward to the educational challenges that I might face in my endeavours as well as the opportunity to contribute my skills to a unique academic environment. I will grow as an individual and also come one step closer to ringing that bell in Wall Street.

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